Are you already on your 30s? Are you thinking about early retirement? Does the idea of life after retirement ever occurs to you? Well, this article will give you some early retirement planning tips if you are thinking about it.

Many people believe that planning for early retirement is not all that important especially if they are young. Most people in their 20s and 30s don’t give retirement any consideration. They tend to overlook everything that is related to it thinking that they are still young and retirement is still a long way to go.

Retirement is Inevitable- Early Retirement Planning Tips are Important

However, I have come to realize that retirement is one of those things that creeps up on you and before you know it, it is staring you in the face. That is why I have prepared these early retirement planning tips to get you going and get on board the retirement train.

The truth of the matter is, retirement is inevitable and so early retirement planning plays a very critical role in someone’s life. It’s not a good idea to work until you age and then just die.    Planning for your early retirement allows you to enjoy everything that life has to offer even after you leave from the workforce. It prepares you for everything that will happen in your life after retirement.

However, early retirement planning is not an easy process. As the word “planning” implies, there are a lot of things to be considered, including your savings, your assets, your family, your health and everything that can be affected. It is basically here where the importance of planning properly comes in.

Early Retirement Planning Tips

As far as I know, the three most important moves to take when thinking about early retirement are:

1.  Consider Whether You are Financially Stable or Not

Yes, money greatly counts and this is due to the fact that when you retire, you are leaving one of your best sources for living – your work. So in early retirement planning, it is necessary to think how much you need to save for your life after retirement, how to invest, how much money the retirement plan you want will require, and what changes in terms of financial matters you need to make in your preparation. This is simply about financial planning.

2.    Take Your Health into Consideration

There is more to retirement planning than just focusing on the financial aspects. Money is not the whole story, it is not the end to all your worries after retirement.  In fact, there are some retirees out there who have retired with enough money on their pockets, but they don’t have good health. They find themselves immobile and incapable of spending time and doing activities with their family and friends.

So it is very important that you take care of yourself and pay special attention to your health.  This will greatly reduce the possibility of you spending most of your retirement funds on health care.  It is also good to be aware of your family’s medical history so that you can adequately prepare your self for early retirement.  It is so sad, but true and I find it a result of not having proper early retirement planning.

3.   How Do You Want to Live After Retirement

So when considering retirement, it is important also to look at how you want to live after retirement. Look at your future condition. What are your goals? Do you want a second career after your early retirement? In what way you’d like to spend your time after retirement? Consider all of these things and make sure that you’ve maintained a healthy lifestyle even after you retire. There are a lot of options for you to do, after all. So make use of your choices and enjoy what life has to offer. Consider this as part of your early retirement planning and you’ll surely obtain a good life after you leave the workforce.


Retirement is a taboo for some people and they wish they could just wave it away with a magic wand.  It is too much of a vivid reminder that the end is near and it is too much to handle.  On the hand, for some people it can’t come soon enough, it is what they have been working for all their lives.  They anticipate the day and wait with open arms to start that new chapter of their lives.

Whichever side of the fence you are sitting on, retirement planning should be a priority.   I hope these early retirement planning tips will stimulate you to become proactive and start the early retirement ball rolling.  It is so good when you have worked so hard to be able to go often in the sunset and starting enjoying the fruits of your labour years before it is actually due.

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