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Would you like to live the dreamlife of fun, freedom and fulfilment? Meaning you get to travel the world for little to no cost at all, meet new people, have fun and get paid for it.  Well, there is a company that claims it offers all that and more.  This company is World Ventures, so here is a World Ventures Review, it is my honest opinion so you be the judge of whether or not it is a business opportunity or just a glorious travel club.

Welcome to my website I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve come across the World Ventures business opportunity or you are interested in the very attractive vacation packages and you are thinking about signing up but you want to find out what it’s all about first.

No problem, this is a World Ventures review with no reservations.  I was first introduced to this company when I signed up for another business opportunity about two years ago.

You are certainly doing the right thing and you are in the right place.  In this review, I will explore whether or not World Ventures is a worthwhile business that you can make a decent full-time income from or is it just a hype or a scam.

After all, the World Ventures promotional message is “Fun, freedom and fulfilment”  so let us take a look if it lives up to its billing.

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a world ventures review

 What is World Ventures About – A World Ventures Review

World Ventures, aka WorldVentures, is a multi-level marketing company in the travel industry. It was founded in 2005 by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent in Plano, Texas. The company offers discounted travel packages, car rental services, and more through paid membership plans.

The two main components of World Ventures are:

1. Discount travel packages for its Dream Trips members
2. A way to make money for its Representative by selling this opportunity to others

a world ventures review

World Ventures is a direct sales travel club company whose mission is “to create more fun, freedom and fulfilment in people’s lives through the merging of great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development, and contribution.” The web-based travel company currently has 120,000+ global representatives in twenty-four countries and employs over two hundred people.

What Products Does World Ventures Offer

World Ventures membership offers access to special deals. These deals are offered through their travel search engine called Rovia. Customers can choose from 3 different travel club memberships, ranging from their Dream Trip Gold membership to the high-level Titanium membership.

How Much Does World Ventures Cost and How Does it Work?

There are two sides to the World Ventures business – the DreamTrips Membership (Customers) and the World Ventures Representative membership.

Customers are those who purchased any level of the DreamTrips membership while Representatives are those who sell the membership products directly to the customers. What separates representatives from customers is the Representative Business System fee. Paying this retains their representative status, but the moment they stop paying it, they become a normal membership customer.

As a World Ventures “customer”, you can’t make money but you can go on vacations, save money through discounted pricing packages, and enjoy the Dream Trips experiences.

On the other hand, as a World Ventures representative, you become a part of the World Ventures Representative Business System (RBS). As a representative, you can now earn money by recruiting a team who also recruit others. You’ll get commissions based on not only your membership sales but your team’s sales as well.

The Representatives introduce the DreamTrips Membership to potential customers in a variety of ways, including face-to-face meetings, through social media, at Travel Parties, presentations and a host of other options. With so many ways to share the membership, they encourage Representatives to choose the social commerce method that best suits
their lifestyles, personalities and goals.

If you’ve ever participated in any MLM or network marketing business plan, then this should sound very familiar to you. It’s network marketing and not surprisingly, the compensation plan for World Ventures reps quickly becomes complicated.

But first, let us cover customer pricing and how you can get discounted Dream Trips.

WorldVentures is a members-only travel club that attracts individuals who desire to travel frequently to exotic destinations around the globe. The company offers three membership plans.

As they say, they are able to offer you multiple membership choices so you can choose what works best with your lifestyle and budget. At all levels, you can enjoy access to unique travel experiences and take advantage of DreamTrips at exclusive prices.

Their loyalty program helps you travel more. You can earn DreamTrips Points from the day you join and accumulate more each month to use toward exclusive Reward DreamTrips that are packed full of experiences and upgraded inclusions.

You can even earn points by experiencing the best of your city or dining like a local from their growing list of preferred restaurants in major cities around the world.

Where Will Your Points Take You

The DreamTrips Points you earn can apply to your next journey. They offer hundreds of Reward DreamTrips to destinations all over the world, from the Great Wall of China to stunning Brazilian beaches. The number of points you can apply varies from trip to trip, and the Platinum Members enjoy redeeming 20% more points on their getaways. You can earn and use your points to your destination regardless of whichever level of membership you purchase.

In order to purchase one of these membership levels, you will need to contact a WorldVentures Independent Representative, who can show you a DreamTrips presentation and help you choose the right membership level.

Dream Trip (Basic)      –      $68.00 plus $31.99 monthly

Gold                               –     $143.00 plus $56.99 monthly

Platinum                        –      $200.00 plus $99.99 monthly

Titanium                      –      $850.00 plus $149.99 monthly

You may have noticed the “Get 4 Pay No More” slogan this means that if you refer 4 customers to World Ventures you no longer have to pay your monthly dues while they stay active. In my opinion, this is the only way to become a customer that gives you true travel savings.

For example, if in your second month you refer 4 customers who decide to go either Gold or Platinum, guess what, you won’t pay any monthly dues starting with your third month and it will continue to be free as long as those customers stay active. So if 2 leave during that month, the next month after that you’ll go back to paying dues. But if you replace them with 2 more the next month, you’re back to free again.

As long as you have 4 customer referrals who are active, you’ll enjoy the perk of no monthly dues. The question is, can you find 4 people willing to pay this much to be in a travel club?

Startup Cost for the World Ventures Representative

To become a representative you need a sponsor. This person will help you get started and show you the first steps of building your business.

Individuals desiring to become a WorldVenture Representative can join with a one-time $99 signup fee plus $19.99 monthly renewal fee.  Just to note that the recurring monthly fee varies by country.

The Independent Representative earns commission through a direct sales distribution model where they sell the product to other people and also through the recruiting of other members.

The Compensation Plan – This is How You Earn as a Representative

The Difference Between a Representative and a Customer

To understand the WorldVentures Compensation Plan, it is important to understand the distinction between Representatives and Customers. Representatives sell WorldVentures products to Customers. A Customer is an end consumer of the  DreamTrips family of membership products.

Representatives are compensated based strictly on the sale of WorldVentures’ products to Customers (both their personal sales and the sales made by their Downline Representative Team). No commissions are paid for recruiting new Representatives and there is no compensation derived from a Representative’s personal purchase.

Customer Sales

As applicable, Customer Sales Credits are credited in the Binary Organization, starting with the Representative who personally generated the volume and moving upwards.

WorldVentures has created a “Products and Commissions Chart” which outlines current products, pricing, and Sales Credits or Sales Volume associated with the sale of each product.

Direct Commission

You can earn a Direct Commission for the initial sale of DreamTrips membership products.  The Direct Commission is paid when you’re the Enroller of a new Customer.

Wings & Wheels Lifestyle Bonus Program
The Wings & Wheels Lifestyle Bonus gives you the opportunity to earn a lifestyle-supporting bonus quickly. There are three tiers in the Wings & Wheels Lifestyle Bonus.


You can earn US$200 per month by simply meeting personal Customer and Lineage Sales Volume requirements. If you personally sell DreamTrips membership products as Sponsor to 4 Active Customers of any of the DreamTrips memberships products and also generate at least 1600 in Lineage Sales Volume in one calendar month, you are eligible to earn the Tier 1 Lifestyle Bonus of US$200 per month as long as the Active Customer and Lineage Sales Volume requirements are met each calendar month.

The combined 1600 in Lineage Sales Volume can be any combination of new membership sales and monthly membership fees, as well as sales from the DreamTrips MarketPlace to Customers, produced by you and your Lineage Organization in a calendar month. No more than 400 in volume can be contributed by anyone Lineage Organization towards the 1600 Lineage Sales Volume total.

You can earn $500 per month by simply meeting personal Customer and Lineage Sales Volume requirements. If you personally sell DreamTrips membership products as Sponsor to 5 Active Customers of any of the DreamTrips memberships products and also generate at least 4000 in Lineage Sales Volume in one calendar month, you are eligible to earn the Tier 2 Lifestyle Bonus of $500 per month as long as the Active Customer and Lineage Sales Volume requirements are met each calendar month.

The combined 4000 in Lineage Sales Volume can be any combination of new membership sales and monthly membership fees, as well as sales from the DreamTrips MarketPlace to Customers, produced by you and your Lineage Organization in a calendar month. No more than 1,667 in volume can be contributed by anyone Lineage Organization towards the 4000 Lineage Sales Volume total.

If you personally sell DreamTrips membership products as Sponsor to 6 Active Customers and generate at least 10,000 in Lineage Sales Volume in a calendar month, you can earn $1000 per calendar month. The combined 10,000 in Lineage Sales Volume can be any combination of new membership sales and monthly membership fees, as well as sales from the DreamTrips MarketPlace to Customers, produced by you and your Lineage Organization in a calendar month.

No more than 2,000 in volume can be contributed by anyone Lineage Organization toward the Lineage Sales Volume total for purposes of qualifying for Tier 3.


Only Qualified Representatives, 1, 2, and 3 Star Representatives, Senior Representatives, Directors and Marketing Directors are eligible to qualify for the Wings & Wheels Lifestyle Bonus. Once you achieve the rank of Regional Marketing Director and begin receiving the DreamCar Bonus, the Wings & Wheels Lifestyle Bonus will not apply.

Note: Spillover volume does not count toward qualifying volume.

You may only earn a bonus at one of the three respective Tiers per month. Lineage Sales Volume for the Lifestyle Bonus expires at the end of each calendar month and may not be credited to any subsequent month.

65% Cap Rule does not apply to direct commissions

Direct commissions are paid every time you personally enrol somebody into the program.

$20 – DreamTrips Membership
$20 – DreamTrips Life Membership
$20 – International DreamTrips Life Membership
$150 Luxury DreamTrips Membership
$130 Luxury DreamTrips Upgrade*
$0 – DreamTrips U

Weekly Team Bonus Cycles

1 cycle = $100
1 cycle = 3 sales credits on left / 3 sales credits on right
The 65% Cap Rule applies to weekly team bonuses
Must be a Qualified Representative to earn Bonus (4 under you)

Team bonuses are paid when your binary network makes sales. Bonuses are paid when a cycle is made. Three “sales credits” from both the left and right side of the binary network must match-up to create a cycle. Therefore, six credits are needed for a cycle to be realized. Please note; this is sales-based and only occurs when new conversions are made.

Each sale earns the following credits:

1 credit – DreamTrips Membership
1 credit – DreamTrips Life Membership
1 credit – International DreamTrips Life Membership
3 credits – Luxury DreamTrips Membership
1/2 credit – DreamTrips U
1/2 credit – Upgrade to DreamTrips Life*
2 credits – Upgrade to Luxury DreamTrips**

Monthly Residual Payments

1 cycle = $10 ($15 for Directors)
1 cycle = 3 Monthly fee payments on left / 3 Monthly fee payments on right
The 65% Cap Rule applies to weekly team bonuses
Must be a Senior Representative to earn Residual (30/30, 60 total)

Please note: residual income is based on monthly fees and not necessarily on members of your binary network. Therefore, if a member of your binary networks fees are voided (as they’re a qualified representative), they may not be credited towards a cycle.

Once a representative reaches the senior rank, (s)he is eligible for residual payments based on their binary networks monthly fees. Modelled like the weekly bonuses, the residual works in a cycle system, where three credits on the left must match-up with three credits on the right.

Credits that each payment is worth is as follows:

1 credit – DreamTrips Monthly Fees
2 credits – DreamTrips Life Monthly Fees
2 credits – International DreamTrips Life Monthly Fees
3 credits – Luxury DreamTrips Monthly Fees
1 credit – DreamTrips U


Double Cycle Bonus: Any weekly team bonus cycles a Representative achieves within the first eight weeks of signing-up will be doubled.

Personal Sales Bonus: When a Representative personally sponsors six (6) new Customers within a rolling calendar of four (4) full weekly pay periods or less, he/she will earn a $250 Personal Sales Bonus, and $100 training dollars. There is no limit on the number of bonuses per month or per week.

Director Bonus: If a representative reaches the rank of director within 12 weeks of enrollment, he or she will be awarded a $2,500 director bonus. (possible with 180 representatives in the binary network, Average of 15 new signups per week required)

Dreamcar Bonus: WorldVentures will give up to $600 (Qualified Representative) to cover a car payment, once a representative has met the qualification benchmarks. (please refer to compensation plans for further requirements) Note: WorldVentures will only payout the value of the monthly car payment. That being said, try to get the monthly payment as close to $600 as possible.

The car must be a silver BMW, the year 2002 or newer. Vehicle must have a WorldVentures sticker on it. Stickers sold separately.

Dreamhouse Bonus – International Marketing Directors are eligible for up to $3000 towards a mortgage payment. Please note that WorldVentures will only payout the total monthly mortgage payment, no more than $3000.

You can look at the compensation plan here, for more details.

It is a bit complicated and I might not be able to explain it as clearly as it should be explained.

World Ventures Support for Representatives


World Ventures offer quite a number of training to help you hone your sales techniques and make more money.

World Ventures offer the following to Representatives:

  • Business and product presentation
  • Free training videos
  • User-friendly App
  • Weekly newsletters
1. Guidance from Sponsor

Just like any other MLM business, you can get help from your sponsor (the person who introduce you to this business).

However, sometimes this creates a problem of “blind leading the blind” if the company doesn’t have solid training in place.

2.    World Venture Advantage

WorldVentures Advantage is a pretty solid online training platform for members to hone their skills in various areas such as:

  • Personal development
  • Sales techniques
  • Handling objections

Basically, it’s a portal for members to learn everything they need to know about running the WorldVentures business.

3.      Quick Coach

As you build your business, they will support you along the way.

They provide:

  • Reps with cutting-edge marketing and training tools.
  • Business and product presentation
  • Free training videos
  • User-friendly App
  • Weekly newsletters
4.  Events

Experience the WorldVentures culture firsthand and develop skills to help you succeed in your business and in life. Deepen your resolve and belief, and enhance your leadership and professional expertise by training with the very best leaders in the company, while being surrounded by thousands of other Reps who share the same vision, hopes and dreams.

Tools & Resources

They allow Representatives access to social media and training tools so you can build and operate your business anytime, from anywhere in the world using the revolutionary DreamTrips app.

Personal Website

Another tool you’ll get as a WV member is a personal website for you to share your trips and promote WV to others.

However, since these websites are all duplicated and even identical to one another, it’s really hard for you to get any results by running this website.

Duplicated websites won’t get rankings in the search engine so the only way to drive traffic is by using paid methods like Facebook Ads.

Unless you’re already an experienced internet marketer, it’s really hard for you to fully leverage this personal website they offer you.

Who is it for & Who is it NOT for?

First of all, World Ventures is for you if you…

  • Have enough capital to invest every month
  • Have some experience in MLM. If not, it’ll be very hard for you to withstand the pressure
  • Don’t mind travelling with other WV members whom you may not be familiar with

On the other hand, World Ventures is NOT for you if you…

  • Are in debt
  • Don’t have enough cash-flow to support you
  • Are shy and afraid to talk to people
  • Don’t like recruiting
  • Have money but no time to learn and grow your business
  • Don’t like to travel or you don’t like travelling with people you don’t know

Pros & Cons

1. Direct Selling

World Ventures managed to achieve the No. 25 rank on the Direct Selling News Global 100 list!

Other achievements include:

  • No. 1 in the list of Top U.S. Mid-Market Companies ($300M to $999M) with $926.6M
  • No. 1 in Consistent Growth from 2009 to 2016 with a 927% increase
  • No. 2 in the $100 Million Growth Club ($233M growth in 2016)
  • No. 12 in the top 20 U.S. Companies
2. WorldVentures Gives Back

World Ventures set up their own World Ventures Foundation in 2010 which aims at creating positive change in the lives of children all over the world.

a world ventures review

This means that they support sustainable programs that promote children’s health, happiness, safety and development.


1. Monthly Recurring Fees

Just like many other MLM companies, there’s a monthly recurring fee you need to pay for your World Ventures membership.

This monthly fee ranges from $27 per month to $100 per month depending on your membership level.

By paying this membership fee, you won’t get anything physical in return. Instead, you’ll gain points which can be accumulated and redeemed for discount trips or meals when you need.

Like what I’ve mentioned earlier on, the only way for you to waive the monthly fee is by referring 4 active members joining World Ventures as your downlines.

2. The Trips May Not Be That Good

The benefit of DreamTrips is that you don’t need to spend hours researching and planning for your own trip.

But I think it’s important for me to expose some of the negative sides of the trips planned by DreamTrips.

  1. Flights are NOT included in their packages
  2. You need to be prepared to share trips with other WV members

The downside of having everything planned for you is that you lose the freedom to discover the world. Everything on the trip is all well-planned in advance.

3. Very Complicated Compensation Plan

As you can see earlier on, it’s really hard to understand WV’s compensation plan even though James has tried simplifying it.

They’re combining Linear with Binary structure and also including a number of different bonuses.

4. Banned in Some Countries

Last but not least, this is the most important part of whether WV is a pyramid scheme.

World Ventures has gotten into quite a number of lawsuits all over the world.

For example…

  • World Ventures was identified as a pyramid scheme in South Africa by the National Consumer Commission
  • In 2014, World Ventures ceased operation in Norway because they were identified as pyramid scheme once again
  • Recently in 2017, there’s a lawsuit filed against World Ventures by Melody Yiru who accused the company of being an endless chain recruitment scheme that is prohibited under California law.

There are lots of information online. You can go and read them if you’re interested.

But the most important thing here is that we all know World Ventures is a very controversial company. Whether WV is a pyramid scheme is really subjective.

But the fact that there are countries banning WorldVentures show us that this is definitely not the kind of business you’ll want to go into, right?

Is Anyone Making Money With World Ventures?

Take a look at an Income Disclosure published by World Ventures and you be the judge

a world ventures review


So is World Ventures a Viable Business Opportunity or is it Just a Fancy Travel Club?

There is no denying that World Ventures is an exclusive web-based travel club designed to attract individuals seeking discount travel packages to exotic destinations around the world.  In all fairness, World Ventures offers a real product that has an actual unique value for its vacation club members.

The idea seems great, I mean who doesn’t want to get paid to travel? However, when you look into World Ventures a little deeper, you will see that earning an income is a little harder than it seems.

Looking at the Income Disclosure above you can see that very few of its Representatives are making any real money with the company, so you may be better off pursuing other ways to make an income. The average distributor makes less than $2,000 per year. If that’s enough for you to live off then this business opportunity would be ideal for you.

However, it is tough to make money with MLM opportunities. So it’s always good to look at alternative opportunities that may be better suited for your financial situation. If you have any experiences with World Ventures, I’d love to hear them so please post a comment below.

Should You Become A World Ventures Representative?

As an online entrepreneur, I am all for self-empowerment and making the most of opportunities. I love the idea of people becoming financially independent by starting a home business of their own but with World Ventures you don’t actually own your own business and you’re not in control.

Ultimately it’s your decision whether or not you become a World Venture representative but from everything I’ve seen, you won’t make much money from it I don’t believe it is a viable business opportunity.

I would recommend it as a travel club investment if you can afford the monthly fee, and there again I have reservations because there are travel companies/agencies where you can get similar deals and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee so the jury is still out on this one.

However, for a business opportunity, I do not recommend World Ventures.  Take a look at my #1 recommendation.  It is a business opportunity that I have been involved in for the past two years and I am comfortably earning an income with much less hassle and stress that is associated with MLM business.

A Much Better Alternative

After searching for years for a way to make money online I found a training program called Wealthy Affiliate that taught me how to create an internet business for myself.

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