Chances are, you’ve heard about Weebly before. It’s one of the older drag-and-drop website builders, having been in existence since 2006. They have an acclaimed platform, one that many recommend, but does it still hold up now that newer options are on the scene?

Weebly is one of the simplest website builders that are capable of building a good-looking website.  If you are one of those people who don’t want the hassle or you are not so tech-savvy like me I think you should take a look at this.  Weebly has aimed their site builder and other features with these basic web builders in mind.

They are one of the most popular website builders out there which marketed towards almost everyone desirous of starting a website for business, hobby or pleasure.   So this review will basically answer all your questions whether or not Weebly is the best or one you could consider using.  Bear in mind, this review is coming from a Weebly user.

about weebly

Learn new skills with step by step Weebly Guides

About Weebly – How Does it Work

Well let me tell you all about Weebly, it is one of the largest and most popular do-it-yourself drag-and-drop website builders on the market today. The company was founded in 2006, it experienced exponential growth, quickly hitting the one million user mark in 2008. This growth has continued to this day.    Weebly is a website builder and e-commerce platform that powers 50 million sites around the world. (Figures according to Weebly as at April 2019.)

You can start with a free plan to access basic features and get online immediately. To remove Weebly branding, you can opt for the cheapest Pro plan – $12 per month on an annual plan.

Another thing about Weebly is that it a web-builder designed for those that have little technical know-how.   The platform allows for a basic website, a store or a blog.   Sites can be kept to the simplest text and images, or supplemented with advanced features like Google AdWords, forums and surveys, and search boxes, just to name a few.

The company’s founders, David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Dan Veltri began working together on Weebly while studying together at Penn State. In March of 2007, the first version of Weebly’s editing interface was released to the public. Over the last twelve years, this company has been largely successful at its initial goal: delivering a simple, user-friendly service that is accessible to almost any person, regardless of skill or previous experience. It’s not meant to be a sophisticated design tool for pros with elite university-honed skills, but as an easy-to-use tool delivering website building to the eager masses, Weebly packs quite the punch.

The company’s affordable pricing options, simple editor, and optimized mobile sites have attracted a lot of positive attention, and each month Weebly-hosted websites receive roughly 325 million unique visitors.

Getting Started with Weebly

Signing up for a Weebly account literally takes a matter of seconds. Just put in your name and email and create a password. A Weebly address is included, or you can add your own .com (purchased elsewhere) for an additional fee. Choose whether you want a free or paid plan, then Weebly asks you to choose one of three types of sites—choose carefully because you can’t go back and change it later.

The options are Site, Store, and Blog. The site is the only option that automatically sets you up with a home page—even if you want a store or blog, this option works best for most since the others take visitors directly to a storefront or blog. A store and/or blog can be added easily, no matter what option you choose.

Weebly is a platform that I personally have been using for over 4 years now and I just love it. Traditionally my skills in design, so as a designer this platform is perfect, as I can execute my concepts into beautiful reality fairly quickly. The great thing about Weebly is their understanding of peoples’ needs when it comes to creating websites and the thoughtfulness behind the product.
They understand that not everyone can code, or wants to code. This is what is special about this platform. You need no coding experience and can get your website live in a matter of hours. Ease of use coupled with power makes Weebly the best website builder on the market.

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Pros and Cons of Weebly

I am going to be looking at the good and the bad about Weebly so I will cover a few of the features that make Weebly great, and a few that in my opinion needs improvement.   For the most part, the good outweighs the bad, but a Weebly website review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you about my dislikes.


  • Easy to Use
  • Very Helpful SEO Guides
  • Very Responsive Themes
  • Great Security and back-up
  • Great High-Quality Templates
  • Great Customer Support
  • Built-in Blog
  • Great for e-Commerce
  • Free Plan Available
  • App Centre
  • Analytics to help monitor your website
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited Themes
  • issues with images and photo editing
  • Weebly branding on free accounts
  • restrictive storefront editor
  • Extra costs for most e-Commerce options

Features and Pricing of Weebly Plans

As I mentioned before, Weebly offers three separate editing tools that you can use to build your site. You can only use one of these tools to build your site (you can’t switch between them), and your answers to Weebly’s initial questions during the setup process determines which editor you can access (more on this in the Ease Of Use section below). These different editors come with slightly different features and pricing options. The three editors are as follows:

  • Legacy: Weebly’s older editing tool offers more customizability, but it isn’t quite as easy to use as the other tools. Legacy allows you to sell online with any paid plan, and it is the only editor that offers the “Connect” pricing plan.
  • Editor Prime: Weebly’s newer editing tool offers the best ease of use, although it has more limitations in terms of design. The Editor Prime is the editor that is most likely to get love and attention (read: updates) from the Weebly crew. I’ve been told that Weebly developers run a new update every four days.
  • Square Online Store: This is the editor that you’ll find if you sign up for an online store through Square. It is the same tool as the Editor Prime, although it has a couple of minor differences in features. You can only process your payments through Square (Stripe and PayPal are not an option), and you can sell online on the free plan. Pricing is a bit different too (in fact, it looks more expensive).

Free Plan

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Free SSL security
  • 500MB storage limit
  • Domain with Weebly branding
  • Search engine optimization
  • Lead capture and contact forms
  • Support: chat, email, and community forum

Connect (Available only on the Legacy editor)

  • $5/month (for the one-year plan)
  • $4/month (for the two-year plan)
  • $8/month (for the monthly plan)
  • All of the above PLUS:
    • Custom domain
    • Support: chat, email, and community forum


    • $12/month (one-year plan)
    • $9/month (two-year plan)
    • $18/month (monthly plan)
    • All of the above PLUS:
      • Unlimited storage
      • Remove Square ads
      • Advanced site stats
      • Remove Weebly ads
      • $100 Google ad credit
      • Site search
      • Password protection
      • Video backgrounds
      • HD video and audio
      • Add 100 members
      • Integrated shopping cart
        • List up to 25 products
        • 3% transaction fee
        • Accept payments through Square or third-party providers
        • In-store pickup


        • $25/month (one-year plan)
        • $21/month (two-year plan)
        • $35/month (for the monthly plan)
        • All of the above PLUS:
          • Unlimited storage
          • Unlimited members and membership registration
          • Advanced store features
            • List unlimited products
            • 0% transaction fee
            • Accept payments through PayPal
            • Product badges
            • Product options
            • Inventory management
            • Automatic tax calculator
            • Coupon codes
            • Square gift cards
            • Product reviews
            • Shipping calculator
            • Integrated shipping labels
            • Good shipping discounts

            Business Plus

            • $38/month (one-year plan)
            • $35/month (two-year plan)
            • $46/month (monthly plan)
            • All of the above PLUS:
              •  Unlimited storage
              •  Email marketing (powered by Weebly Promote)
              •  Advanced store features:
                •  Abandoned cart emails
                •  Real-time shipping

                Note that when you sign up for an annual plan, you receive a free domain for the first year. Afterwards, domains renew at $20/year.

                Weebly does not offer a free trial. However, all paid plans are refundable in full within 30 days of purchase.

                •  Support: forum, chat, email, and phone
                •  Pop-up notifications
                •  Integrated Facebook ads
                •  Advanced eCommerce statistics
                • Support: forum, chat, email, phone, and priority support
                • Support: forum, chat, email, phone, and priority support

                about weebly

                Features of Weebly

                The features it offers are more or less the same as to what you’ll find on other platforms like Squarespace and Wix. However, Weebly has a few unique aspects that make it stand out from the crowd.

                The features are:

                1.  Drag-and-drop site builder
                2.  SEO optimization
                3.  Blogging tool
                4.  Themes
                5.  Category widgets
                6.  Translations
                7.  Weebly Apps
                8.  E-commerce
                9.  Responsive blogging
                10.  Security
                Weebly’s Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

                You can make the design yours and tweak it how you like, “containers” that you drag and drop are called Elements.

                How Do Elements Work?

                They can hold whatever content you like including:

                • Photos
                • Text (blog posts)
                • Maps
                • Menus
                • Videos
                • Forms
                • Embedded code
                • Dividers and spacers
                • Slideshows and galleries
                • Buttons

                Images and Design

                For example, you can add images and modern colour designs for your blog’s background — or even video that plays in the background of your pages (Weebly has a free video library).

                These design features add a professional touch to your Weebly site.  Weebly’s website builder also allows you to create customized headers on your pages that can include almost anything you like, including slideshows or dynamic content.

                SEO Optimizer 

                One outstanding feature from Weebly is that on all its plans (including the free plan), you get help adding key SEO elements to make it easier for your blog to be discovered.

                You get fields for things like:

                • Site description
                • Meta keywords
                • Google Analytics tracking codes
                • Google Webmaster Tools
                • 301 redirects

                Weebly offers tooltips to help you understand what each SEO field does and why you’d want to add this information.  SEO settings are available on all plans, including the free plan.

                Blogging on Weebly

                When you sign up for Weebly, you’re taken through a wizard that asks you what type of site you want to build.  You simply choose “Blog” and then pick out a theme. There are only eight blogging themes, but they have a professional look.

                Weebly Themes and Customization

                Weebly’s initial website setup wizard walks you through choosing and applying a theme. If you make a change from one theme to another, your website and blog stay intact and nothing gets bungled in the changeover.

                Adjusting Your Theme’s Design Elements

                After choosing a design template the wizard, you can change your site’s colours and fonts or switch to a different theme any time you like.

                You can import your own theme or one you’ve purchased elsewhere.

                Weebly allows you to add bits of HTML code and adjust the style sheets (CSS) but it won’t let you go make a lot within the frameworks of the themes they provide.

                How to Import and Customize Your Own Theme

                  Category Widgets

                  One of the coolest things about Weebly for bloggers is the ability to create gallery widgets that feature posts only from specific categories.

                  You can use it to feature any posts you like as long as you’ve created a category for them.

                  Weebly Apps 

                  Adding additional blog functionality with Weebly’s app store is a bit easier than going it alone with some of the more complicated WordPress plugins.

                  Native Apps

                  Some desirable blog functionality automatically comes with your Weebly site.

                  Adding Facebook comments and automated marketing emails are as simple as dragging a widget anywhere on a page, post, or your blog’s sidebar.

                  You can also open an online store or accept donations through PayPal.

                  But Weebly also offers hundreds of additional apps that work similarly to the way plugins work on WordPress. Weebly’s apps come in free, paid, and freemium versions.

                  Free Apps

                  Some free apps come integrated with your blog as soon as you get set up. For example, you can allow your readers to create memberships, add on additional contributors, or lock up your blog with a password.

                  Other free or freemium apps of interest to bloggers include:

                  • Facebook “Like” button
                  • Tables and tabbed pages
                  • Forms
                  • Visit counter
                  • FAQs
                  • Events calendar
                  • Appointment booking

                  Paid Apps

                  Weebly also offers paid apps from third parties that require either a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription:

                  • Real-time Chat
                  • Layout customization
                  • Community forums
                  • Testimonial sliders
                  • Advanced SEO help
                  Weebly E-Commerce With an Online Store [Pro, Business, Business Plus Plans]

                  This is not related to blogging, however, Weebly offers a simple way to help monetize your blog by opening an online store. You can even open an online store (up to 10 items) with Weebly’s free blog plan!

                  The best part is that opening your store alongside your blog just takes a few clicks.

                  How Much Will It Cost Me To Set Up a Store?

                  Even if you’re not ready to monetize, keep Weebly’s e-commerce capabilities in mind because later you might want to take advantage of how easy it is to add a store with Weebly.

                  Weebly offers a series of e-commerce plans too. You can sell almost anything.

                  However, you will need the:

                  Pro plan ($12/month annually) to start with (25 products, 3% transaction fee) and if you want to sell digital items like ebooks, you should get the:

                  Business plan ($25/month annually, unlimited products, no transaction fees).

                  Marketing – Drag-and-drop email campaigns to up to 500 contacts.

                  If you are looking for an e-commerce site, look no further than Weebly’s dedicated e-commerce builder. In addition to all of the features you would get with a traditional site builder, you’ll get extras like:

                  • Integrated shopping cart and secure checkout
                  • Inventory management
                  • Product displays and search
                  Security and Backups

                  Weebly doesn’t offer much information about their security setup other than the SSL certificate that comes with all plans.

                  There’s a lot we don’t know about Weebly behind the scenes – they don’t provide information on their data centres, malware protection, or privacy controls.

                  They claim that sites are protected against DDoS attacks, but they offer no details in support of this claim. In fact, they aren’t very forthcoming about which SSL certificate they provide other than it offers 128-bit encryption.

                  Uptime and Money-Back Guarantee

                  Weebly doesn’t offer a lot of information about their uptime status. However, you can subscribe to their incident logs to keep tabs on them.

                  You can also use the tool to scroll back in time to see previous incidents of which, fortunately, there aren’t a lot.

                  No Money-Back Guarantee

                  Weebly’s terms and conditions do not offer a money-back guarantee. They appear to rely on their free plan to help customers avoid getting into a situation in which they’d want their money back.

                  However, some customers have asked for their money back via Weebly’s community forums and have received favourable replies.

                  Billing and Refunds

                  Weebly pushes customers to sign up for plans paid in 1-year chunks. Recently, however, they’ve added the option to pay month-to-month, at a significant markup.

                  For example, the cheapest paid plan is $4/month billed annually but it’s $7/month if you pay as you go.

                  Weebly offers flexibility for your blog’s domain. You can purchase a domain directly from Weebly, use one that you already own, or use Weebly’s free subdomain while you get the hang of the platform.

                  Customer Service and Support

                  Customer service is at the same level across Weebly’s plans with options for email and chat tickets submissions or access to the community forum. In some cases, they offer granular, step-by-step instructions on their website documentation, but in other situations, you are left alone to quiz the folks in the forum.

                  Paid Plan Support

                  The only improvement you get with support is with a paid plan and that is the ability to call and talk to tech support.     Support comes in slightly fewer languages than site translation: Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and Japanese.

                  Weebly Help Center has plenty of FAQs, help articles, and tutorials to help you get started. Weebly also has a YouTube channel offering numerous videos for beginners and even advanced users. If you want to reach Weebly’s customer support team instead, you can use 3 different channels:

                  Google Adsense

                  If you would like to generate additional income on your website, you might consider the Google AdSense program. The Google AdSense program is where you earn affiliate payments in return for displaying select ads on your website.

                  Weebly comes with built-in support for AdSense, so adding this to your website requires nothing more than dragging-and-dropping the appropriate content box when you are working in the site-building editor.

                  Ease of Use

                  Weebly’s site builder features an intuitive interface. On top of your dashboard, there’s a menu bar with service-wide and site editing options. You can alter the layout for common static pages such as home, about, contact us, and services.

                    • Live Chat
                    • Phone
                    • Support tickets


                    About Weebly, is Weebly any good?  For me, Weebly is a great website builder, excellent for your blog.  Its growth and large customer base say a great deal about its overall track record. Weebly has a strong foundation and provides essential, intuitive tools.

                    Weebly is great if you want to get online fast or want to sell products online.

                    Anyway, I am a bit disappointed with the limited themes available and in my opinion, Weebly’s online store can isn’t the best eCommerce solution if you want to do some serious selling. For a blogger it is all systems go and I would definitely recommend without hesitation.

                    So if you are looking to get a functional website online for yourself or your small business with absolutely no fuss, you might find your answer in Weebly.  Take a look at my step by step guide on how to start a blog.

                    Sign up for your free account to try it out for yourself.



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