Are you struggling to get by each day?  Do you struggle to pay your bills? Are you in and out of relationships? Are the pressures of life weighing you down?   When last have you been on a vacation?   It seems as if you are held hostage by life.

What does that mean? Well, do you have the ability to do anything you want, when you want?  If you should see a deal now to your dream vacation location would you be able to take up the offer?   Or better yet, if you should wake in the morning and you don’t feel like going into work could you go back to sleep without informing your boss that you will not be coming in to work?

Is One of Those Who are Held Hostage by Life?

If you are struggling it means you are not free to do what you want.  Freedom is a pre-requisite for growth, as we grow older if we are not given responsibilities and the freedom that goes with it we will not be fully mature.  If a person is not free then they are not responsible.

Freedom is the ability to move about, to speak freely, to do things freely and to work the way you want to and whenever.  Therefore the lack of freedom is an obstruction to you acting according to your own will and, instead, having the will of others imposed upon you.

Freedom enables you to make decisions that will affect your future. It gives you the chance to take or not to take opportunities that occur instead of having such decisions made by someone else. Thus freedom enables a person to become responsible, following their own lights, pursuing and creating beauty, truth and goodness.

There is also the freedom to create, manage and invest in businesses and again to make a profit or loss depending on how hard one works and the decisions one makes. When people have the freedom to be responsible they naturally enough will seek to improve their lot and that of their family and society. Using their creativity to make and create things for others and for mutual sharing and exchange will lead to prosperity for the whole society.

Can you do the things you want to do or are you held hostage by your life?

What is Life Using to Hold you, Hostage?

  • Demanding nine-five job
  • Living from pay cheque to pay cheque
  • Ever mounting debts
  • Stress
  • Medical Issues
  • Family Crisis
  • Not enough time to spend with your family
  • Unhappy in your current job
  • Not qualified enough for a promotion or a better paying job
  • Still paying rent/lease

If you are struggling with any of the above, or any other that I failed to list – because the list is in no way exhausted, it means you are not free and yes you owe it to yourself to be free.  So I am going to ask you again are you held hostage by life? Do you want to be free?

Do You Really Want to be Free?

If you really want to be free from whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals/dreams and living your best life then you have to set your mind on it.  Cultivate a freedom mindset and prepare to work towards it.

One of the first things you have to do is to think about what you want out of life. What is it that you wish to do with your life? A great exercise is to take a sheet of paper and put down the answers to the following questions:

 What is my deepest want?

 What would I like to achieve in my lifetime?

 What would I like to achieve this year?

 Where would I like to be in five years?

 Where would I like to be in twenty years?

 What am I good at?
Think about these also………                         

 Your current job – are you enjoying it?

 Your relationships – are they healthy?

 Your wellness – is it in good shape?

 Your financial state of affairs – can you independently take care of all your financial needs?

 How you have fun – when was your last vacation?

It is your Life Given Right to be Free

It is the natural right of every human being to be happy to escape all the miseries of life. Happiness is the normal condition, as natural as the landscapes and the seasons. It is unnatural to suffer and it is only because of our ignorance that we do suffer.

Happiness is a product of wisdom. To attain perfect wisdom, to comprehend fully the purpose of life, to realize completely the relationship of human beings to each other, is to put an end to all suffering, to escape every ill and evil that afflicts us. Perfect wisdom is an unshadowed joy.

Have you ever consider why you are not living your best life?  or why do you suffer sometimes in life?  Usually, we do not even see or suspect the presence of trouble until it suddenly leaps upon us like a concealed tiger. One day you are happy and the next day you are struggling to stay positive.

The thing you lack is the illumination that will enable you to look far and wide, finding the hidden causes of your bondage and discovering the method by which you can be free.

Your life now is like trying to get out of a big dark room filled with furniture promiscuously scattered about and all you are doing is bumping into the furniture.  Your progress to get to the door is slow and painful and our bruises many. However, if you could just find that light switch to turn on the light you would be able to get out quickly and with perfect safety and comfort.

Why Are We Held Hostage by Life’s Circumstances?

Why do people suffer from poverty, stress, and lifestyle illness?  It is because of our blundering ignorance,  we do not comprehend life’s lessons and the will-power and courage to take the time out to learn the lessons life teaches us and to apply them to our lives.

If we had the wisdom to understand why we are going through the struggles and why they are necessary factors our development they would no longer be a burden.  When life’s lesson is fully learned most of your struggles will vanish.

Life teaches you the same lesson over and over only in different ways until it finds a way for you to learn. I kept making the same mistake again and again.  Eventually, I started blaming my situation, the people around me and the system.

My Experience

After hitting rock bottom I had to sit down and try to figure out what I was doing wrong. I then did an overhaul of my life because as they say, if you continue doing the same over and over again you will always get the same result.

I now realize that life is like a school you have to pass your test in order to move on to the next level.  Stuck at the same level is no fun.  I was tired of the level I was at and decided it was time for me to move on to another challenge. That was when I found this great opportunity in 2017. As they say, the rest is history.

When life started to teach me about business in 2014, I did not take the time out to learn.   I was so caught up in what was going wrong that I missed the main points. Things started falling apart, but I did not take the time out to step back and look at what was really happening. All I knew was that I was struggling to make ends meet, all my money was going down the drain and I failed again. Life was screaming – “Doreen, STOP and LISTEN –

Life was saying you have to make a long-term plan, you need to know why you are in business.

I have now learned that if your only reason for going into business is to make money you are on the road to failure. It is not about how much money you can make in a year it should be more about how many persons will I be able to effectively and genuinely help this year. It is in serving – in giving – that you receive.

I also learned that you have to be disciplined enough to know when to make an adjustment and that starting life over is not a sign of failure it is admitting I had made an error in judgment and I am now correcting it.

I avoided making some tough decisions which would set me back and also make me felt unfulfilled but life said I had to do it and pass. Even when things were falling apart around me situations were blowing up in my face I still was not getting it. In most cases, I knew it was my fault, but I just did not understand how it got to that stage and I did not know how to fix it.

The final Straw – Rock Bottom

Finally, life got my attention.  I lost my house to the bank because of a bad decision I made a few years earlier.  Then got an eviction notice from my landlord because I could not pay my rent.  I had to move back to my father’s house because I was unable to pay my bills and take care of myself and my daughter.  It was then I realized I had hit rock bottom. As they say – when there is nowhere else left to go down you have to start going back up – and this is where I am now.

I have learned the power of prayer, the security of trusting in God, comfort in believing in myself and the hope that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Life has now taught me – the art of letting go – knowing when something or someone in your life has outlived its relevance. I have come to realize that there will always be things in my life that are urgent and important and those that are urgent but not important and of course that frivolous and unimportant stuff that we tend to spend most of our time on.

Starting Life Over – The Long Comeback

I am now focusing on my purpose in life.  YES, I have come to realize I cannot be all things to all people I have learned how to say NO.

So enough of the whining – I have now started a new business – YES, I AM AN AFFILIATE MARKETER !!! – new frontier but I am up for the challenge.

I found this great opportunity in 2017 but only started doing some serious work in 2018. The journey thus far has been challenging but I have learned some valuable life lessons in the short time I have decided to make this bold move.

Life has taught me that my destiny lies within me and I have to give birth to that reality and then nurture it to maturity. This is going to take faith, dedication and commitment. I hear hard work is also a part of the formula, but I want to eliminate that part of it. Working on it, I want to work smarter not harder.

Great Expectation

Looking forward to a defining moment in my life.  Apart from the birth of my two beautiful girls and my grandchildren I really cannot identify anything thus far which I have found to be life-altering. Well if you consider falling in love, getting married then divorced life-altering, then that’s two life-altering moments then.

Maybe it’s just my outlook on life and my determination to fight the odds. Or it could also be the ability to play the cards life has given me the best way I can. There has really been nothing that I can pinpoint which has redirected my thoughts or actions.

My experiences thus far have helped to shape the person I am today; but to pinpoint an event and say this is where I became a better person, I just cannot do it. Now there have been points in my life that I can point out as being important but were they life-altering moments? I just don’t think so!!

What is this Great Catalyst that Set me Free from the Bondage of Life?

As I mentioned before, this online model for making money is called affiliate marketing. It was not altogether new I have been researching it since 2014 but only took it seriously in 2018. Let me hasten to point out that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  So even though I have hit rock bottom it is a process to get back to the top. If you are looking for a quick fix or instant money this is not for you.

However, this program is for:

  • People who are held hostage by life
  • People like me who have been chastised by life
  • You if you are just tired of being tired
  • You if you have fallen down or have been side-tracked from your path towards your goals like I did
  • People who are fed up with your 9-5 job
  • Ordinary people who just want to make some extra money
  • Retirees who need a boost to their pension savings
  • Persons who want to live their best life.

Whoever you are and you are held hostage by life this is for you. This program teaches you patience, determination, perseverance and character.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business model that you can make money from by selling goods or services online and you earn a commission.

It is based on five principles:

  • Identify a group of people with a need or a problem that you can help
  • Build a website
  • Write excellent contents and put on this website
  • Drive traffic/visitors to your website
  • Sell them a product or a service that will help them.

Now, this is where the good part begins.  The secret to all this is a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, that life-changing thing I told you about. This program takes you by the hand and teaches you step-by-step how to build your business straight up to be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate is a gem especially for beginners although this program is both for beginners and experts.

Take a detailed look at this program HERE

You can start for FREE and try out to see if you like it.



It matters not how long you have been held hostage by life, the good news is that you have the power to break free.  So starting today make that conscious decision to claim your freedom.  The journey to your freedom is not going to be easy but it is worth giving a try.

Just like any road, there are corners, detours, and crossroads in life. Perhaps the most perplexing road that you would encounter is a crossroad.  You will just have to follow your best judgement and if it is not the right turn, you learn from the journey and take another road.

You do not really know where a road will lead you until you take it. There are no guarantees. This is one of the most important things you need to realize about life. Nobody said that choosing to do the right thing all the time would always lead you to happiness. Loving someone with all your heart does not guarantee that it would be returned. Gaining fame and fortune does not guarantee happiness.

The only thing you have power over is the decisions that you will make, and how you would act and react to different situations.

Choose Freedom Today – Refuse to be held hostage by life any longer.



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