Blogging as well as blogging myths has become increasingly popular among people who are seeking ways to make money online. However, only a fraction of the blogs that are started ever make it to success.

The reasons why bloggers fail are manifold. However, one of the main reasons they fail is that there is so too much information about blogging floating around – and a lot of that information is misleading at best and plain wrong in other cases.

Although blogs have been around for years people still have tons of misconceptions about them. They’re too hard to write, they say. Blogging is only for people who have majored in English, they cry. I have nothing to blog about, they complain.

To help set the record straight and maybe push a few more folks into taking the blogging plunge, I gathered some of the top blogging myths I hear every single day.

Whatever your motivation is for blogging, you will most likely face the same obstacles as any other writer. Take a look at 7 of the most common blogging myths and how to fix them.

blogging myths

1.   There Are Already Too Many Blogs Out There

Are there a lot of blogs? Yes, there are millions. However, there is the only one you, you alone can clearly express what you want to say. You have a story to tell and no matter how many blogs come and go, always remember that you’ve got something special to share with your readers.

2.     Blogging is an Easy Way to Earn a Ton of Cash

blogging myths

The internet is full of a lot of “get-rich-quick” schemes so it is easy to get carried away into believing these blogging myths.  In my opinion, that’s one of the biggest issues about blogging. People jump on board, publish a couple of posts, see no income after 4 weeks and quit. Here’s an important point: It isn’t going to be easy – nothing rewarding in life is.

Blogging is not something that you can get rich from overnight, it takes time.  You have to put in the required work and be consistent and persistent.

3.   Popular Blogging Myths – Blogging is Easy

Well, the truth is, blogging is hard. It is hard to come up with new interesting topics week after week. It is hard to find new ways to promote all that content. It is hard to figure out how to make money from your blog. It is hard to stay motivated day after day, week after week.

However, the process of blogging is not at all easy. If you are truly serious about running your own blog, it takes a lot of hard work, tons of dedication, passion for the subject you blog about and most importantly, patience.

You need to spend time producing quality content on a consistent basis, work at driving traffic to your site, and continually learn about the space. There are loads of benefits to blogging, but like most good things in life, you need to work for it.  If it was easy everybody would and could do it, and not so many blogs would fail.

4.    You Don’t Need to Put in a lot of Work into Your Blog

One of the biggest among all the blogging myths. Why do you want to become a blogger? Is it because a blogger’s job is done with creating a new blog post once in a while and otherwise you have a ton of free time?

That may be true for a successful blogger with loyal followers. However, for a new blogger, it means hustle like hell and does all the work yourself.

As a new blogger, you will learn about web development, about marketing, about networking, about monitoring, about sales, about content creation, and a lot more.  If you are willing to put in the work, you will have a lot of fun doing so; but the work still needs to be done.

5.    Blogging is only about written content

Most people think about written content when they think about blogging but in truth, there is a lot more you can do.  If you are not a writer but want to start a blog? Just think about:
• video
• podcasts
• photos
• drawings
Be creative. There are no limits when it comes to types of content that you can use in blogging.

6.   Traffic Only Comes from Google

There are other traffic sources that you can access other than google. In most cases, Google traffic will take a while to build up and in order to build your search traffic, your life gets a lot easier if you get your content to an audience long before Google sends traffic your way.

There is social media and advertising if you can afford to do so.  There are also other search engines where you can register your blog.

In truth, there are many blogs that get by far more traffic from social media sources like Pinterest, Twitter or even Facebook than they get from Google. Often the Google traffic only comes as a side effect to their prominence on social media.

So, if you think about blogging: Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

7.   If You Build It They Will Come

blogging myths

Falling for this one will result in some lonely nights. Turns out, the writing is the easy part get ready to hustle after you hit publish if you want your articles to be read. Routinely creating content that evokes emotion and strategically sharing it will get you results over time.

Even if you are an amazing writer and create amazing content, those blog posts still have to be found. Now the ‘Content is King’ supporters will argue that great content always gets found.   It usually does, what they won’t tell you is that it might take weeks, months or even years for this to happen.

The bottom line is that you get out of blogging what you put into it. If you want your content to be found, then you need to get off your blog and interact with people on various social media platforms. Consider leaving comments on similar blogs and participating in Twitter chats about the same topics that your blog covers.

The real blogging only starts after you created your blog. It’s impossible to say how many blogs there currently are, but it adds up to hundreds of millions. Even though there are also a lot of people on this planet; they will have to know you are there. If you just put your content out there, chances are that no-one will read it. You have to actively promote your blog to make sure that people visit it.

8.   You Must Be a Great Writer

No, you don’t have to be, I don’t consider myself a great writer and I have been blogging for quite some time now.   As long as you are able to express your thoughts in words you will be in pretty good shape. You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to start a blog. All you need is a strong will and ability to identify topics that you can create compelling content around.

9.   You Need Tons of Traffic to Be Successful

For me personally, this has been the hardest of all the blogging myths to not believe. If you are not getting huge amounts of traffic, don’t stress.  What you actually want is traffic that stays.

Work to get traffic from blogs that you regularly go to, blogs in your niche, no matter how small because this is high-quality traffic, interested in the same things as you are.

A few hundred engaged readers are way better than thousands and thousands of visitors to your site. These are the ones who are genuinely interested in you, your content and go on to develop a sense of connection with you.

10.   You Have to Invest a Lot of Money in Blogging

Even though I do feel that if you consider blogging to be your business, you should invest in it, I don’t think you have to invest a lot in blogging. You should only invest in the right things. So much information about blogging can be found online – for FREE.

When I first started blogging, I only read free information. Now that I have decided to turn my blogs into real money-making platforms, I’m investing more in my education, for example by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate training course on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

That’s the best course that is currently out there on this subject, and money well-spent. I could have bought a few eBooks and do a more generic course, but that would have cost me more money and I’m sure that it wouldn’t have had the same value.

I think you should always investigate best ways to learn new things and decide for yourself if you have the time to find out everything for yourself, or that you’d rather pay the money to learn from a professional on the subject.

You can also start learning about blogging in Wealthy Affiliate.

11.   Good Content Is Enough

New bloggers are still being told to simply write awesome content and your audience will grow.   Please don’t fall for that. That is one of the wickedest blogging myths. The truth is, you have to create good content but you can’t sit back and wait for a huge audience to magically find your content.   This is one of the easiest ways that new bloggers get blogging frustration. It does not happen like that.

If you are looking for people to visit your website you have to actively pursue it. The better your content the easier this will become but you have to take action!.

12  Every Blog Uses Same Traffic Sources

I have seen it all the time bloggers read someone’s success story about a blog and immediately believe they can copy step by step what that blogger did and they will get the same result.  That can work but in most cases, it does not work.

Why? Because every situation is different, your niche may react totally different. Or you are addressing a different culture or demographics so you will have to communicate differently.  You have to know your audience and study what they want.

Never forget that your blogging journey will be a unique journey and most blogging success stories that you read about today started years ago. Just think about the changes in the social media landscape in this past couple of years. So much has changed. How can you expect a journey you start today to look the same as a journey that started a couple of years ago?

13.  You Have to Find an Empty Niche

You would love to blog, but all niches that you would like to blog about are already taken?  So what?

You will have a hard time to find a niche that is not already crowded. But that does not mean that you cannot start a successful blog in a niche that is already crowded.

You only have to create good content and ensures that your content is better than all the existing content on this niche.  Then you have to learn how to distribute or market your blog.

In most niches, there is enough of an audience for every blog and in the end, the person that succeeds in spreading the word about his/her contents will win.

14  Blogging is and SEO is Dead

Some people have been saying for years that blogging is dead (or at least dying) because there is simply too much content online and the amount of content is already growing so much faster than the amount of content that we as the people can possibly consume.

However, that does not kill blogging. It may lead to the percentage of blogs that don’t make it to success to increase even further. but we do still consume content online and people love blogs. So that does mean that there is still a lot of opportunity in blogging.

This comes up year after year. If you want your work to reach as many readers as possible, you have to utilize SEO. Organic traffic is less work to acquire in the long term and converts 9% better on average as well! You don’t have to sacrifice the quality just don’t forget the keywords.

15.  Your Posts Should Never be Over 500 Words.

This is so false although most people flaunt that readers’ attention span won’t hold past 500 words, lots of publishers have actually seen an up-tick in interest in long-form content, even on mobile.  Having in-depth articles on your blog can actually boost your search engine rankings.

Instead of worrying about your word count, focus on being valuable to your readers in whatever length you need to properly cover a blog post topic.

16  If You Can’t Write Well You Can’t Blog.

You don’t have to have an English degree to be a blogger trust me.  What matters more is that you can get your point across to your reader and teach them something they need to know.

Writing well can help you get your point across more easily, but it’s an added value to a post, not a necessity of blogging.

17.   You Have to Post Every Day.

The truth is if you can afford to post every day that will be a plus to the success of your blog, however, if you are just starting out, blogging a few times a week is okay. As long as you are focusing on the right topics you’ll start to see traffic and leads coming in.

18.    If You are not Seeing Immediate Success You are not Cut out for Blogging.

I won’t lie to you when you first start blogging, it’s going to be painful. You’ll write a post, publish it, and get hardly any traffic or social shares. Anyway, after you start blogging for a month or so, you’ll see things pick up a bit.

You will notice that traffic and leads are steadily growing, and only then, will you realize that your hard work has paid off. If you need some more convincing  …………., has a great post on setting your expectations when you’re first starting to blog.

What other misconceptions have you heard about blogging? Help us debunk a few more myths by adding your favourites in the comments.

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