Is Business at Home Lifestyle a scam?  I woke up to this business opportunity in my email this morning and decided I would do a research on it to see if it was legitimate.  These program developers know that people are always seeking ways to make some extra money and so these money-making programs are developed daily.  Let us go!

They start out by telling us that this mom earns up to $7197 per month online.  Wow, this sounds incredible definitely something I would like to achieve.

Scammers usual cash on the weakness of people in a crisis. They know that a person who is struggling to make both ends meet will easily fall flat for some quick and easy money. Business at Home Lifestyle is displaying all the qualities of a scam that is launched with the same school of thought like all the others.

What is Business at Home Lifestyle?

Let me just take the time out to thank you for taking the time out to read my review on Business At Home Lifestyle. You might have gotten a promotional email like me or you heard about it online.  Either way, you need to know the facts before you get involved.

From the look of things, Amy Jensen apparently stumbled upon an easy solution to becoming very wealthy, and now she wants to share her secret with the world!   She’s a 34-year-old mom who is earning up to $75/hour while staying at home with her kids. But, unlike those other opportunities, this is from home, and, it 100% done for her by the business at home lifestyle a scam

When I checked out this website there was no business model only promises to make a lot of money and a redirect to another website – MyMillionaireMentor.  I was unable to get unto this site – this is what I got.

Business at Home is one of a long line of work from home business with a lot of warning signs.

It’s likely many of you have seen many of those ads in your email inboxes and spam that boast of the single working mother earning thousands of dollars a month at home with no effort or skills.

They prey on those new to the internet marketing industry to fall for this scheme with phoney job titles and certifications.

Don’t believe any of what Business at Home claims on their site because it’s all refuted in the disclaimers at the bottom of the landing page.

This is a paid advertisement. This website is not affiliated with any newspaper publication or online news source. The results portrayed on this website are illustrative, and may not be the results that you achieve with the advertiser’s product or service. These results should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings. 

All testimonials are 100% real and accurate. For the sake of privacy, Business at Home Lifestyles reserves the right to protect and/or substitute the images of attendants. This site makes use of licensed stock photography and all images are for advertisement purposes only. This website is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with any third-party trademarks that may be contained on this website.

This disclaimer is the cover-up for the fictional testimonials given by fake people so they claim that the pictures are from free photo stocks.  Wow! why would these people who are so successful from the program be afraid to be identified?

I think it is damage control in case people start publishing the fake picture to show up the false testimony.  Business at Home Lifestyle uses the fictional single mom rags to riches story alongside a stock photo from a stock photo site and photo-shopped income statement.

Then there are the fake comments with more stock photos. The news networks’ logos at the top are also used without permission.

Amy on Business at Home Lifestyle                                                                   Amy on iStock photo

is business at home lifestyle a scam                      


Business at Home Lifestyle is a cleverly designed paid affiliate website. It compels you to take your first step towards the ultimate scam My Millionaire Mentor. You are lured into this trap through the story of Amy Jenson a stay at home which is apparently earning $7197 using the My Millionaire Mentor.

When I try yo log on to My Millionaire Mentor this is what I got.

is business at home lifestyle a scam


This review ended very abruptly, there was nowhere else to go I crashed into a brick wall.

I strongly discourage you to sign up with Business at Home Lifestyle. It will be a waste of your time and effort. Not a single thing signifies that Business at Home Lifestyle is a genuine platform.

It is not worth the risk. If you want to make a living working from home I suggest you take a look at the affiliate marketing model.  One of the best affiliate marketing training course to guide you through the process is the Wealthy Affiliate.  This platform allows you to build a website and grow your business.

So is Business at Home Lifestyle a scam – I believe it is a scam.  My advice is to stay far from it.  Comment below if you have tried it and your experience has been different.

My#1 Recommendation.




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