I have heard so many stories about Amway and World Wide Dream Builders, some good and some not so good, that it prompted me to do this research.  My main curiosity was to get the answer to the question that is asked so frequently  “Is World Wide Dream Builders a Scam?”

I previously did a review on Amway which was very interesting.  You can take a look at it HERE.

I know you are just as curious as I was to find out about it, maybe you are an Amway IBO,  it could be that you are thinking about joining Amway or maybe you are just exploring possible income generating prospect that can be revisited in the future.

Whatever it is let us take a closer look at this product and then you can determine whether World Wide Dream Builders is a scam or not.

What Exactly is World Wide Dream Builders and How Does it Work?

World Wide Dream Builders sell the dream of striking it rich with Amway. They do this in various formats: eBooks, audio files, CDs, and presentations.

It is an internet marketing organization affiliated with Amway which was created by a Diamond distributor with the main objective of fast-tracking new distributors’ journey to Diamond.   World Wide Dream Builders members are Independent Business Owners for Amway.  So is World Wide Dream Builders a scam or what?

World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB) was created by Ron Puryear and his wife Georgia.  This couple had made it to the top of the Amway’s distributors hierarchy with hundreds of other distributors in their downline.

Ron and Georgia Puryear both joined the Amway business opportunity in 1972 and after just 4 years they ascended to the Diamond Rank.

Thereafter they approached the late Bill Britt to learn about his ultra-successful Britt World Wide training program. After learning all he could, Ron and Georgia started World Wide Dream Builders which would teach other distributors how to leverage their success in the Amway business.

The objective of the company is to provide training and support to the IBOs to help them build their business. WWDB is recognized and has accreditation from Amway so in that regards it is a legitimate business.

World Wide Dream Builders is just a support and educational team within Amway. They provide their team with resources to help educate and motivate them so they are more likely to be successful using the Amway opportunity. As with any and all business opportunities, it takes a lot of work, grit and fortitude to be successful.  Still wondering whether or not World Wide Dream Builders is a scam or not?

Let us read on……

How does it Work?

WWDB sells motivational and training products to help Amway distributors sell, recruit and move up in their organization to eventually becoming another Diamond. The real goal here is to hit that 6 or 7-figure earnings mark.

These products are obviously only useful to Amway reps, so all of their customers come from Amway.

They teach you strategies on how to develop a winning mindset, how to effectively sell Amway products, and how to recruit distributors for your downline.

It is a motivational based product that teaches its members how to become a successful Amway representative.

World Wide Dream Builders is Amway’s largest training platform. Over time, it is said that the program has built up over 500 Diamonds in their organization.

WWDB Mission Statement

  • To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation and the right environment through a Free Enterprise System.
  • To encourage a life of excellence, with “No Regrets” while partnering with associates around the world in building their own personal business and dreams.
  • To impact our generation and generations to come with the truth that God created man

What are the Products – What Do You Get When You Sign Up

Products include motivational tapes, CDs, audio files, and reading material, as well as training seminars and events held in hotel conference centers. You can buy the products without becoming an IBO, but IBOs do get discounts on all the products.

These are the products associated with being a member.

  • Motivational videos
  • Motivational CD’s & Audio files
  • Motivational reading material
  • Training seminars
  • Conferences and training events ​
  • Communikate

The Standing Order monthly subscription package is one of their most popular products.

  • Every month, you get 6 CDs as well as other audio files containing the latest educational and motivational material.
  • Unlimited listening access to their entire library of these materials, including materials instrumental in helping with your recruiting process of new IBOs.
  • An annual motivational event called Dream Night. At Dream Night, you listen to talks given by successful Diamond distributors.
  • Lastly, there’s Communikate, a toll-free, personal virtual assistant that handles various communications and scheduling tasks for you. Communikate can be purchased whether or not you are an IBO.
Standing Order Tape

The basic “Standing Order Tape” gets you the six latest CDs or audio files each month. These CDs and other audio files provide training on hard business fundamentals like recruiting and sales. There’s plenty of motivational stuff packed into the audio material too.

Premier members can opt for either digital or physical delivery. If you opt for digital delivery, you’ll receive one of your Standing Order files each Friday. If you go for the physical package, WWDB delivers two of your items at a time, every other week. Either way, you don’t get all the new stuff at once.

Standing Order runs you $25 per month. Books and other training materials are sold separately from the Standing Order tapes.


World Wide Dream Builders lets you buy books separately from the Standing Order tapes. They cover all kinds of business and mindset stuff. You could buy them outside of World Wide Dream Builders, but I’d assume their book selection is curated to help you grow your business.


Communikate is a communication system created by WWDB and included with your WWDB membership that allows you to communicate with your entire organization all in one place through a streamlined, easy to use platform. It has a mobile app, too, so you can stay in touch with everyone while you’re on the go. Communikate costs $37 per month.

Communikate works by providing access to a personal virtual assistant that coordinates communications over the phone, voicemails, emails, scheduling, conference calls, and more. It pulls it all together with a single toll-free number. A subscription comes with 2 accounts in case you have a business partner who needs to use Communikate.

Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings are educational and motivational seminars held by successful World Wide Dream Builder distributors. Distributors can attend these meetings to learn about business basics with the aim of expanding their business to Platinum.

As their name implies, these meetings are held all over the country in different cities, so you don’t have to fly across the country to attend one. They’re held on a quarterly basis.

Second Look Meetings

Second Look Meetings are meant to teach the IBO plan on a deep level. These are hosted by qualified Diamond-level IBOs and are held during the evening.

Second Look Meetings are held on a quarterly basis, but they happen in the month prior to each Regional Meeting.

Attitude Meetings

Attitude meetings consist of successful distributors giving talks on personal and professional development as well as what kind of rewards to expect when you start seeing business success. You won’t find a lot of hard teaching here – these meetings are mostly motivational. I mean, just look at the name.

Spring Leadership

Spring Leadership is a 3-day weekend seminar held by World Wide Dream Builders every spring (usually during April or May). It’s all about leadership and business, as you might expect. Founder Double Eagle Rubies, as well as Diamond IBOs and above, teach you the importance of leadership in building a successful business all weekend. Sunday shifts a little more towards business stuff, but leadership remains the focus.

On top of the regular speakers, World Wide Dream Builders brings in John Maxwell, an internationally-renowned leadership speaker who regularly speaks at Fortunate 500 companies and other massive organizations like the NFL.

They even bring live music to get you upbeat and ready to kill it in your business.

During Spring Leadership, World Wide Dream Builders also offers two-day outreach programs beginning Saturday morning and finishing Sunday afternoon.

Family Reunion

Family Reunion is a 2-day weekend seminar with lots of motivational stuff, some business training/education, and expos/sales pitches for new products.

Saturday afternoon sees several talks from the most recently qualified Ruby and Platinum IBOs to get you motivated. Then at night, a successful Diamond member or above go harder with the motivation, discussing how believing in your dream and building it is vital to business success.

Sunday afternoon gets to the harder business teachings, where attendees learn the latest business methods and receive technology training.

Your ticket includes accommodations and two meals.

Free Enterprise

Free Enterprise is a 3-day weekend seminar that’s mostly motivational. At Free Enterprise, they emphasize the power of, well, free enterprise and the rewards you can gain in a society that has it. It happens once a year during the fall, usually in October.

Free Enterprise kicks off on Friday evening with this focus on free enterprise and the spoils you can reap in a country built on free enterprise. Meant to get you hyped and motivated to build your business.

During the day on Saturday, you’re fed more motivation and some educational stuff by members who are Double Eagle Rubies, Diamonds, and people above those ranks. Then when night rolls around, they recognize and celebrate newly qualified Diamond-ranked and above members. Saturday night closes out with speeches by crown ranks, aka Georgia Puryear and Brad & Julie Duncan.

Free Enterprise wraps up on Sunday afternoon when Diamond members and above within World Wide Dream Builders teach attendees stuff about business.

World Wide Dream Builders Dream Night

World Wide Dream Builders Dream Night is basically a motivational seminar where a few Diamond distributors give talks on subjects like why build your own business and why strive for success. Dinner is on World Wide Dream Builders too.

Their massive and infamous World Wide Dream Builders Dream Night (“the biggest event of the year!”) costs $75 to attend. They happen once a year in January.

Overall, most of the events and seminars you can attend will run you anywhere from $75 – $250. Prices change every so often, but they usually fall in this range.

** Just to Note:  All of the seminars and training events are an additional cost that is not included in your membership fees. You’ will have to pay for your own transportation and accommodation to most of these events.

How Much Does World Wide Dream Builders Cost?

Let’s just say that it’s not cheap to become a World Wide Dream Builder member.  The basic WWDB Premiere Membership costs $49.95/month.

On top of that, you need to pay a fee to use Communikate this costs another $37. The basic monthly subscription to their training CDs or audio files is another $25/month. Altogether, it comes out to about $112/month.

WWDB Premiere Membership $49.95/Month

Communikate = $36.95/Month

Training CD’s & Audio Files = $25/Month​

Communikate – This is the communication system they use. Without it, you won’t be able to partake in any of the benefits of being a member.

Training CDs and audio – Without these, you might as well not join at all, as they’re the bread and butter of the company.

On top of this, there are lots of extra training kits, events, and educational programs you can purchase that can add up to over $250.  Plus, you have to sell around $300 per month to qualify for commission.

However, on the other hand, if you are interested in starting any business it will definitely come with a price.  If you compare it to starting a traditional brick and mortar business it is very cheap.   So this one of the lines the IBO will give you if you’re having a conversation about World Wide Dream Builder.

There are a lot of extra costs that come with being an Amway member and there are lots of members paying upwards of $700 when combined with WWDB. There are so many live events, seminars and training that you can attend and they all cost a lot of money. ​

Usually, you have to drive a far distance and stay in hotels which aren’t cheap. So when I look at WWDB and Amway as an opportunity, I think it’s just too much overhead for a home-based business. ​

The whole point of a home-based business is that you can have a very low overhead cost which is why I always tell beginners to try affiliate marketing instead. ​

Compensation Plan

First and foremost you have to be prepared to work long hard hours it is not a stroll in the park.  To be honest, I don’t think there is really any online business that is very easy to master you have to work hard at everyone.  It is just that some are on a more level playing field than others.

Now back to WWDB, you really have to work at it to get anywhere, and it’s going to take time. You’re basically working on building out 6 legs at once just to qualify for a bonus.  They call it “Going Eagle”  So to get the bonus you have to get 300 PV for yourself in addition to all 6 of your legs to hitting 100 PV each.

It gets more interesting, at least 5 of those 6 legs have to be paying for Standing Order Tape monthly and at least 3 have to attend those expensive in-person company events.

The compensation plan operates on a “Stairstep Breakaway” model, which means that once one of your legs hits Platinum (7500 points), it breaks off and you start all over rebuilding another one. Although I can see how this would help keep people motivated to sell products and recruit more people, it’s gotta be so frustrating building up legs just to start over when they break away.

Commissioned payouts are 30% and turn into 4% royalties when your leg breaks off.  You need to hit 100 PV per month to qualify for the commission this is about $300 per month in sales volume.

You get 30% commission off your active legs, however, after a leg breaks away, you no longer get commissions from those members in that downline. Instead, you just get a 4% royalty from it which is much less.

WWDB teaches IBO’s to build 6 legs simultaneously so that you aren’t as badly affected when a leg breaks away. Your remaining 5 legs will still be bringing in a good income and then you just start building a new leg right away. ​This strategy seems really simple but in reality, it’s not that easy to execute and you would definitely need the training of WWDB in order to do it right.

The Verdict – Is World Wide Dream Builders a Scam?

There are people out there who will tell you that World Wide Dream Builders is a pyramid scheme or it is a SCAM, but that’s simply not true.  Although I am not a fan of their business model I must say it is a good one; save and apart for a few things that I would change.  It’s an ethical business with a decent rating from the Better Business Bureau. ​

However, my contention with all of this is that when recruiters are selling you this business they don’t tell you that most of the members don’t make enough money to make a living from it.  Most members barely break even and some don’t make a cent all they do is spend.

You can make good money with World Wide Dream Builder, but most people won’t. The truth is that the majority of the people who have joined this organization have not made any money and many more will not.

It’s not easy to make money with WWDB  most people find themselves spending lots of monthly fees before they start seeing any money. Plus, having your legs break off once you really start earning is a big blow and can be discouraging.

However,  if you can do that over and over for a number of years, you might make it in that business and earn some impressive monthly checks.  Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are very slim.

If you are already an Amway IBO and you believe you can make some good money for it then it would definitely be worth your while to invest in WWDB.  Without WWDB your potential is much lower and your chance of success is next to zero. So you better be willing and able to invest a LOT of time and money if you want to make your Amway business work.

The ones who do make it work are working extremely hard 7 days a week pounding the pavement. So whether you believe World Wide Dream Builder is a scam or not it is completely up to you to decide what you do with this information.

What do I think?   World Wide Dream Builder is not a SCAM!

Would I recommend it as an online business: NO!

If you like passive or residual income streams, there are better opportunities out there. Opportunities that don’t have you pestering people to buy products from you. Opportunities that actually pay good money.

Here is my #1 recommendation

My Final Thoughts

If you are really interested in an online career and your dream is to work from home as an online entrepreneur you have to make up your mind to be committed to whichever model you choose.  Becoming a successful online entrepreneur in 2019 is going to require a full-time lifestyle.

Nothing against the company, but 99% of MLM-ers aren’t making any money.  Thus the reason why a lot of people, including myself,  have quit Amway with big regrets, money lost and relationships damaged.

I would never recommend Amway nor World Wide Dream Builders as a business venture to a new online marketer.  As a matter of fact, I would never recommend MLM as a business of choice.

The people at the top are always making huge sums of money while the ones at the bottom are spinning their wheels wasting money that all goes to the fat cats at the top.

There are many great ways to make extra money from home or even a full time living from home without any experience at all, that doesn’t involve selling, bothering love ones, going to seminars or peddling products.

You would be surprised how simple it is to make money from a blog or affiliate marketing if you have the right training.

The internet has changed the world so much all you have to do is take advantage of it and use it to your benefit. Take a look at how I make money online here.

Also, if you have a personal experience with Amway or WWDB please share it with me and my readers using the box below.



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