Affiliate marketing is one of the foremost models and preferred choice by people who make money online.  If you are new to online business or you are desirous of entering the affiliate marketing world this article is for you.  You will learn what is affiliate marketing along with some basic knowledge of the market.

To really learn what is affiliate marketing you have to dismiss the notion that it is a get-rich-quick plan and that you can only work two hours per day and start making thousands of dollars online.  Just to let you know the two hours per day working online is for people who have established a presence in the affiliate marketing world and has a large stream of residual income coming in daily.

Learn What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting the goods and services of merchants or individuals mainly on the internet. You earn a commission for each sale or successful lead that you promoted.

You can become an affiliate of Amazon and then promote and advertise any of the product from the Amazon website through a special link known as “affiliate or referral link”.  Whenever someone visits you or click on the link you are promoting and makes a purchase you get a commission.

If you want to earn money through affiliate marketing then just follow these 6 simple points-

  1. Identify a group of people you want to target
  2. Think of the best product that will be helpful to them
  3. Find the best affiliate programs that offer that product or a similar one.
  4. Join its affiliate program and receive a unique affiliate link
  5. Promote the merchant’s product through that affiliate link.
  6. Make money online

There are thousands of affiliate programmes you can join like Amazon, ShareaSale, eBay, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Flipkart, etc. that provide the affiliate programs. But I recommend this unique program for beginners.   It is not only a programme it is training for beginners, and also persons who have been in the business for a while, on how to effectively grow your affiliate marketing business.

learn what is affiliate marketing

Meet me on the inside where you can learn all you need to know about Affiliate Marketing from experts in the marketing.  Here you will find a community of friendly and helpful people waiting and ready to help.  I will be waiting to greet and assist you also.

How to Promote an Affiliate Program and When Do You Get Paid?

It’s important to understand the meaning of promotion and marketing here. There are a number of ways to promote an affiliate product and one of the most widely used ways is through a blog or website.

You can create a blog & then write the reviews or tips related to the products you are promoting. You can insert your affiliate links in the post where you are asking your blog readers to buy the product from the merchant website.

People come to your website, read the tips & reviews you have written, click your affiliate link & then visit the merchant site. You will get the commission every time a blog reader buy something from the merchant site.

But creating a website & writing about the product is not enough. You need the targeted traffic on your website.

There are a number of ways to promote a website like doing SEO, through PPC programs like AdWords, social media promotion, guest blogging, classified sites etc.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Learn what is affiliate marketing, it is the most rewarding business on the internet because of the preferences it offers. The greatest preferred standpoint is that you don’t have to own a product or service in order to sell it.  You can make money from any goods or service you choose without ever owning it.

One of the main advantages is that you don’t have to keep up any stock, no compelling reason to stress over the shipment after somebody buys or even don’t have to follow your client records.   All that is taken care of by the vendor. Another preferred standpoint is the salary potential. You can gain up to 70% commission for selling these products and services.

So don’t get procrastinate anymore, dismiss fear, no more considerations get started today.


Create an Action Plan

Join an Affiliate Programme

If you plan to make money through an affiliate marketing then it is better you start with the best affiliate program. Join today and start to learn what is affiliate marketing and the basics for survival.

Once done, write all your interest and hobbies on paper.

Choose a Product

Its better you promote a product which matches your interest. Find the merchants which have those products and services. e.g if you are a fitness freak, you can find a product related to fitness, if you are a gadget lover, you can find the mobiles, tablets and other gadgets to promote.

Research the Demand

After choosing 2-3 products, find its demands whether it is a hot product or not and if people are searching online for this. You can check in AdWords Planner Tool, YouTube, Google Trends etc.

You need to spend more time here because you have to take your decision based on this. After doing the research, choose the one with the highest potential.

Promote the Product

There are a number of better ways, you can use to promote an affiliate marketing product and the easiest one is by creating a review site.

A review site is something which is created by a user of the product and providing a review of the product by writing advantages and disadvantages as an experienced user.

If you thought of creating a review site, always buy the product first, use this for some time and then write the review.  Yes, there is a lot to learn about what is affiliate marketing.

A Review site is something which gives you the best conversion as this is the last stage a buyer is searching before taking a final decision for purchase.

You can use SEO techniques so that you get the traffic from Google or other search engines. You can also promote through Google AdWords.

Other ways to promote is through social media sites like Facebook advertising, YouTube, Pinterest, article submission sites, guest posting, banners ads on other blogs, classified sites etc.

learn what is affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is a business of focus and Patience. Don’t get demotivated if you don’t find the results in the initial phase. Even the biggest gurus made so many mistakes & got failures.

But they learn from the failure, keep working and finally become millionaires. The key to success is accepting failures as the next step to success. Who knows out of 100 attempts in affiliate marketing, only 1 attempt can make you earn, you never thought of earning.

All the best as we learn what is affiliate marketing together.


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