YES! Let’s get it started now.  You need to get started building your business now, today, this hour if you want to get out of your financial crisis.  This is your gateway to financial freedom. Do not wait until you are unemployed or retired or mad at your boss find your back against the wall because you need money immediately.

You need to start now, you need to tell yourself that you are going to get out of your financial difficulties and your dreams will become your reality.  You have to believe that you will succeed and you are going to make it work.

However, I want you to understand that you are not going to make money immediately online. I am not saying this to discourage you; I am saying it to maybe save you some money and time. If you think you can make money immediately, you are wrong. Nobody does and nobody has and if they tell you differently, they are lying to you so they can make money off you.

let's get it started

Again, I am not trying to discourage about creating an online business you can make it, but it is not a get-rich-quick business.  I see sales pitch online every day that promises instant riches all you have to do is purchase the programme set it up and do little or no work and in no time you will become rich.  I have also seen the testimonials of people who have bought these programmes telling how they became rich quick.  While there is another set you have bought the program, like me, and they honestly believe they are going to work for two hours each day and get rich immediately.

The truth is, nobody is going to do all the work and just let you make money. It does not make sense and these types of companies are preying on lazy or ignorant people who have no business being online. Do not fall victim to this type of scam. If you are going to succeed, it will take time and it will take the money and that is the only guarantee online or offline for a business.

Let's get it started

Are You Willing to Invest in Your Future? – Let’s Get it Started

You have to be willing to invest in your business and you have to be willing to give something up so you can invest in your business. Take some time and make a list of all the little things you buy or have that you could do without for a few months.

If you cannot give some of these things up for a few months so you have money to grow your business, stop reading now because you don’t have what it takes to be in business and the odds are extremely high that you will fail.

Did you know that 80% – 90% of traditional offline businesses fail in the first 3 years of business? Now, did you know that 80% – 90% of all online businesses fail in the first 3 months of business? It is true and they fail because they failed to plan and/or they had unrealistic expectations.

It will be your business so you better start thinking like it is your business and take ownership of it psychologically and professionally. Also, don’t think just because you have a product or service that you think is the greatest in the world, that everyone will feel that way. Yes, you have to believe in what you are selling and believe in your business but don’t set goals that are unrealistic or goals you cannot reach.

How do I Get Started? 

You get started the same way any business gets started. You set a plan of action in place and you work your plan. This simply means that you set up a plan of action and you follow that plan and you do not deviate from it.

There are thousands of different ways online to make money but this website will only look at three specific ways:

1.   Affiliate Marketing

2.   Freelancing

3.   Blogging

I recommend that you choose one of the above and stick with it after you have succeeded in that area you can move on to another one.  Quite often people start an online business and after the first three months, if they have not made any money, they quit working that program and bounce to something else that caught their attention. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make because if you don’t have the passion for what you are doing and if you don’t believe it in long term, then nobody else will either.

So first thing, what is the best information, solution or help you can offer to a specific group of people?  Think of a hobby, your skills, education or your job and identify something you love and could share effectively with others.  The experts call this a Niche.  So think of a Niche and the group of people you want to target.  This can be about anything, but you have to bear in mind what are the things people will spend money on.

It is said that the most lucrative Niches are in the area of:

  • making money online
  • lifestyle
  • fashion and beauty
  • sports
  • self-development
  • weight loss
  • health and fitness
  • relationships

You could have a look at one of these or think outside the box and create your own Niche.

Do I Need a Website?

Yes, if you are really serious about making money online you are going to need a website.  In order to get this done, you are going to need a domain name, which is the website address of your business and then you get web hosting and build your website.  Nothing to worry about as you go along this will be explained in more details.

Let's get it started

How Soon Will I Make Money?

Let's get it started

The answer is nobody knows. Some people start making money in weeks, some in months and sometimes it takes years. For me, it took months, because I built a business from scratch with nothing more than an idea and desire and now I can work full-time online and I don’t have to worry about working part-time jobs or where my next meal is coming from.

How soon you start making money online is all dependent on your attitude as they say your attitude determines your altitude.  You get back what you put in so if you put in the hard work, commitment and dedication you will reap the success.

In the short term, don’t quit your day job. There are no guarantees but working online is a way to guarantee your own future, but it is not going to happen quickly and it is not going to happen if you don’t work at it.

One of the great things about creating your own business is you have nobody to fault but yourself as to whether you succeed or whether you fail. Some people do not want nor can they handle this type of responsibility. Unfortunately, there are many people who only want to blame others for everything bad in their lives. These people have no business working online and you are going to run into many of them as you build your business. No matter what happens they want to blame someone else.

Get the Right Tools for Your Business

The first thing you are going to need if you are going to work online is a good computer.  Buy a good computer before you even start online.  Your computer is your lifeblood online and then make sure it is protected with virus software and you have the software necessary to run a business.  You are also going to need high-speed Internet access.

Get good online marketing tools as well. Don’t go for the free sites such as free Autoresponders if you decide to build your list. It is not worth it because you are advertising for someone else every time you send a message and your prospect list is not secure.

Remember that running your business is going to cost you some money up front. You have to plan for this and you have to budget for this. You don’t need the most expensive computer or marketing system on the Internet, but get the best that you can afford as it will save you lots of money and time down the road.

A Few Tips You Will Need to be Successful Online:

1.   Be thick skinned: You can’t be bothered by the little people who tell you that you won’t make any money or that your product or service is not good enough.

2.   Be a self-motivator: When you come home from work, instead of turning on the television or going to a movie, you need to do some actual work on your business. The television is always going to be there, but if you choose it over your business, your business will suffer.

3) Read as much as you can: You never want to stop learning and educating yourself on marketing, business, advertising, etc. Keep up to date on what others are doing to make their business grow. Read—Read—Read

4) Don’t be a quitter: If you quit, you lose. There will be tough days, but you have to look for the sunshine above the clouds and know that tomorrow will be better.

5 Don’t follow be a leader:  There are thousands of ways to make a business grow. Just because someone is doing one thing which might work, does not mean it is the only way to get the job done. Never stop thinking outside the box and always strive to improve on all aspects of your business.

6) Stay Positive: Believe in your dreams and never lose hope.  Even when there is disappointment look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

7) Give something up for something better in return: Sometimes you have to let go of some things that you hold dear but they are not good for you.  There might be habits that are not good for business or negative people that you can do without.

8) Prioritize your life: Set aside a specific number of hours per day or per week that you are going to work on your business and stick to it. It is better to spend one or two hours each day over the course of the week, then trying to work 5 – 10 hours on your weekend.

9) Be an Otter: If an Otter cannot have fun doing something, he just won’t do it. Make your work fun, make your life fun and make your business fun.

10) Believe in yourself: You are the only one who matters in your business and you are the only one you have to answer to. Yes, you will have customers and affiliates buying from and working for you, but when all is said and done, you are the most important asset you have. If you believe, then anything can happen. But, it all starts with you and ends with you.

Conclusion – Let’s Get it Started Now

Yes, you can be successful online, but it is going to take time and it is going to take the money and there is no way around this.

Do not quit when the going gets tough. There will be dark days, but you have to see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep moving forward.

Do not believe for a second that you can make money with no money and no work. It has never been done and it can never be done.

Stop waiting for your ship to come in and go out and find it yourself.

Get started now and stop waiting for the perfect time or place. Remember, you cannot wait for all the lights to be green before you start your trip. Go on Red!

Make every day count. Do something every single day toward building your company or business.

Focus on one or two programs, products or services and give them your all for a minimum of 12 months.

Get the right tools for your business. If you are going to be online, spend the money and get a new computer and if at all possible, get high-speed Internet. Cable, DSL or Satellite, but stay away from dialup.

Believe in yourself and trust yourself to do what is right. Big shots are just little shots that kept shooting.

You can do it and there are plenty of success stories online of people who made it, but not one of them made it with no work and no money. If people could make money for no money, then you would not be reading this and I would not write it because we would all be lounging on the beach with our little umbrella drinks in hand.

Get serious, use solid judgment when deciding what to buy and sell. If there is no phone number on the site you are looking at, go to the next site. Businesses who do not give you a phone number are not real businesses. They are out to take your money and then go on to the next person. No matter how enticing their offer, if they will not give you a phone number and will only deal with you via email, leave them and don’t look back.

You can succeed online. I did and I made a lot of mistakes, but I did not quit and I did not get down when the going got tough.

Let's get it started


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