Positive thinking is a powerful mental attitude that uses images, words, and thoughts that are suitable for achieving personal growth and success. This way of thinking can continue to bring good results no matter what life throws at you.

So for this year, my advice is to power positive thinking, because a positive mind that constantly anticipates joy, happiness, better health, and successful outcomes can also take you a few steps closer to achieving your life goals.

A person who practices positive thinking will believe in one thing – whatever the mind can conceive that it can achieve.

power positive thinking

Although positive thinking has become a growing trend not everyone embraces this way of thinking. There are those people who see it as being ridiculous and belittle other people who believe and accept the revolutionary ideas it suggests.

However, the growing number of books and courses about positive thinking imply that more and more people are becoming attracted to its principles. As this subject continues gaining popularity, it has also changed the lives of thousands of people who wish to become better individuals in every possible way.

Hearing people say “Think positive!” is quite common. If you have ever felt downhearted and miserable, your friends might have told you to do the same thing. Most people who do not take this advice seriously are usually unaware of what it really means.

They tend to forget the fact that positive thinking can actually be very effective and useful. Try asking yourself one simple question. Do you know anyone who ever stops to think what positive thinking really means and how powerful it can be?    Never stop power positive thinking.

Power Positive Thinking

Let us take a look at positive thinking in action, here is a scenario that demonstrates what positive thinking is all about. Mary Jane applied for a job, however, she has very low self-esteem and constantly considers herself a failure.

This makes her feel as if she is unworthy of success. All these thoughts made her quite sure that she was not going to get the job.  Her negative attitude tricked her mind into believing that other applicants were far better and more qualified for the job than her.

She got this attitude because of the negative experiences she had during a previous job interview.  Since that time her mind has been full of fears and negative thoughts going into this interview.   She just told herself that she would be rejected because there were more qualified people who had applied.

On the day of the interview, as fate would have it, she woke up late and realized that the suit she wants to wear was not ironed.  Having no time to iron she ended up wearing another suit that she did not feel comfortable in and in her mind not appropriate.

When she arrived at the office, she felt very nervous and tense. She kept worrying about the simple things during the interview so she started displaying a less-than-likeable attitude.

She did not even have enough time to grab a quick breakfast so she felt hungry and distracted throughout the interview. These series of unfortunate events made it impossible for her to focus on the task at hand. In the end, her actions made a bad impression and materialized her greatest fear of not getting the job she really wanted.

New Attitude

Sue Brown applied for the same position but she approached it in a very different way.  Even before she submitted her resume she was certain that she was qualified for the position. A week before the interview, she imagined himself impressing the interviewers and getting the job.

The night before the interview, she prepared her clothes and went to bed earlier than usual. The next day, she woke up early and had ample time to eat a hearty breakfast and arrive in time for the interview.

She got the job because she made a really good impression.  Although Sue and Mary Jane both had the skills, competencies and experience needed for the job, only Sue succeeded because she did not allow negative thoughts to affect her actions.

The best lesson that you will learn from this scenario is that a positive attitude will allow you to get the results you desire. You will have more chances of emerging successful in whatever challenges you might face in the future with positive thoughts.

Positive thought patterns will make you feel happier and more energetic than you ever did before. A positive mental attitude will also bring more brightness to your eyes as it broadcasts happiness, goodwill, and radical success. It will also affect your overall health in a beneficial manner.   So, as I mentioned earlier always power positive thinking.

Through positive thinking, you will be capable of walking tall and feeling better about yourself. It can create a voice inside you that is more powerful than the unpleasant thoughts at the back of your mind. It will also affect your body language as it reflects how you feel inside.

No Room for Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are easy to come by because they are everywhere.  Remember, negative and positive thinking are both contagious. Your attitude towards life will affect your friends, family, colleagues, and other people you will meet.

This can happen instinctively at a subconscious level, wherein feelings and thoughts are exhibited through body language. Other people who sense your aura will be affected by your thoughts and beliefs. A negative attitude will result in negative emotions and unlikable actions.

This is probably the reason why most people love being with those who think positive rather than those who dwell on the negative aspects of things.

Negative thoughts are actually as powerful as positive thoughts. They can release poisons into your blood and result in greater degrees of negativity and happiness. This consequently results in failure, disappointment, and frustration.

To achieve personal success, you have to consider adopting a positive mental attitude that will make you feel better about yourself and the world you are living in. While overcoming negative thoughts can be a lot of hard work, its rewards will surely make up for all the time and effort you invested in changing the way you think.   Make no room in your mind for negative thoughts just power positive thinking.

How Does Positive Thinking Work?

power positive thinking

 Positive thinking is a natural process by which you create thoughts and expectations that are considered positive. You can then use these positive thoughts to manifest your desires and give you the energy to succeed in whatever task you need to accomplish.

However, thinking positive does not necessarily put an end to all things. You also have to exert extra effort in turning those thoughts into reality. While negative thoughts act as mental plaque that clings to the walls of your brain, positive thoughts motivate you to live a better life.

To have a better understanding of how powerful your positive thoughts could be, you need to know exactly how the human mind works. A person who lives in positivity has succeeded in re-programming his or her conscious and subconscious mind. Positivity is a mental attitude that allows you to earn whatever you want in your life.

Once you have conditioned your mind to accept no other thoughts but positive ones, you will experience nothing less than what is beneficial in your lifetime. If the mind seeks for positive things, that is exactly what it will find.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction – it states that whatsoever you conceive and ponders in your mind that is what you attract unto yourself.

Staying Positive Take Work

Everyone one of us has our fair share of problems but it is the way we handle them that helps us to stay positive in spite of the challenges life throws at you. Staying positive takes hard work.  Your knowledge and beliefs affect both your conscious and subconscious mind by shaping the way you approach life’s biggest problems.

To live in utmost positivity, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the conversations you have with yourself are of a positive nature. You will never be capable of approaching life in a positive manner if you cease to overcome negative feelings.

Negativity is nothing more but resistance against adopting a positive attitude towards life. Once you have made a conscious decision to live in positivity, you can continue reinforcing the idea into your subconscious as well as your internal dialogues.

Next, you have to turn off the negative switch inside your mind. If you know the exact things that trigger them, you can stop yourself from responding negatively. When you learn to correct your negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones, you will exhibit desirable actions that will result in positive results.   Just power positive thinking.

Positive Thinking Vs Positive Psychology

Positive psychology and positive thinking are often used interchangeably, you have to understand that they are completely different from each other. For one, positive thinking is all about looking at all things in a positive light.

On the other hand, positive psychology also places an emphasis on optimism but it also reminds people about the many benefits of thinking positively. Sometimes, positive psychology also believes that thinking in a realistic manner is more beneficial than seeing all things in a positive light.

To put simply, positive psychology believes that negative thinking may lead to better outcomes and more accurate decisions in some situations.  Some proponents of positive psychology also found out that optimistic thinking may force you to underestimate the actual risks that might be involved in making particular decisions. On the other hand, positive thinking places a priority in recognizing the silver lining in every dark cloud.

Once you have read more about this subject tried its principles, you can finally take control of your life and be whatever you want to be.

So amidst all that is happening just power positive thinking this year and beyond.


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