It’s easy to stay stuck in the same old rut longing for more and yet wondering just why life sometimes kicks you in the teeth and passes you by.

Maybe you see people achieving their dreams and living the perfect lifestyle for them and you witness others who are lucky in love and in life generally. Ever wondered why not you?  It’s possible they have had a self transformation.

If you want a transformation of your life forever, follow these easy steps which will change your life forever, increase your sense of self-belief and inner well-being and see just how easy it can be to achieve all of your goals and to reach your true destiny.


 Steps to Self Transformation

Clean out the Clutters in Your Mind

Whether you want to believe it or not, those who achieve have a different mindset to those who never quite make the mark. This mindset is made up of an inner belief, steely confidence and the power of positive thinking which can help to transform not only your outlook but the way that life’s journey unfolds.

In order to be able to transform your life, you need to identify what it is that you really want to achieve. What one area represents the person that you would like to be? Or learn how to identify the one aspect that could add powerful positive changes to your life.

Having a clear focus will enable you to map out the things that you need to make those life-changing decisions and to start the ball of transformation rolling in your direction. Of course, clearing the conscious clutter isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Your mind could be so filled with a disorder that even learning how to cope each day, week and month is a frightening reality. The prospect of making significant changes is not just daunting; it might feel as if it is off the scale of probabilities.

Get Started


Time for a transformation, start by making a list of all of the things that you would like to do this will help define a pathway through all of the cluttered thoughts that might have blurred your consciousness.   Having things clearly written down in front of you will help you to sort out the priorities of your life.  It doesn’t matter if the list is jumbled and without any sort of order. The main thing is to direct your stream of thought onto paper and to capture it all. Afterwards, you will be able to sit quietly and sort them into the order of preference.

This might sound too easy to be of any good but it’s not. Small stepping stones will map out your way to great achievements. When you start to prioritise any goals, be sure to make them achievable. If you write down that you wish to earn a million dollars overnight, then you are probably going to wake up unsuccessful and disappointed that the power of thought didn’t do what you expected it to. There are no magic wands remember, but there is a science behind your transformation journey-you simply have to be realistic and be focussed.

You might really want to earn a million dollars, and it is possible, it is more likely to be achieved further along into your journey than right at the start. Remember-small stepping stones lead to great things.

Step 1 – Set Small Goals

Your first goal towards your transformation should be something that could be achieved in a matter of weeks. So your goal should be something significant but that can be achieved with a renewed mindset and a sense of purpose.

Some goals may be to just eliminate the negative aspects of your life that have always stopped you from achieving. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts constantly or perhaps your own self-limitations hold you back?

Do you always feel pressured for time? Wonder how on earth you are going to get everything done? In this instance, time management might be a good first goal if you always feel that your life is out of control and that you can’t implement new changes because there is never enough time to complete the tasks that you have currently.

When setting goals, you are looking at how to materialise the outcome and time management, of course, would make a big difference to your life. Realistically, it simply needs a clear head when deciding which tasks should stay and which tasks should be cleared off your to-do list altogether.

Step 2 – Eliminate Fear

Whilst creating your list, it’s worth considering just what holds you back in life. Why have you fallen short of your potential previously? It might be that you are scared to achieve or of course to fail? The capability is often not the real issue behind falling short of your potential but fear can be, so dig deep into your subconscious, what are you really scared of?

If you think about your chosen final goal, do you get excited by the prospect of realising that dream? Or is there a nagging element of self-doubt that is interfering with your final vision? If yes, ascertaining why is important. Everyone has fears to overcome and facing up to yours is vital if you want to let go of the old you and embrace the newly transformed you. Ask yourself out loud, what is really stopping you from being the person that you know you can be?

Step 3 – Reinforce Your Goals

Don’t just write out your goals and forget all about them. You need to continuously reinforce your goals within your mind. They need to be important to you and you should relish each and every one of them. If you can imagine yourself accomplishing your goal then it will become more tangible and believable.

Stepping stones i.e. those small goals that interlink towards greater success are an excellent way of taking small but powerful steps to the new you. You need to follow your plan and work out a course of action for achievement and should you start allowing negative self-doubts to pop into your mind, just let them go. The power of the mind is strong. If you determinedly put all negative thoughts to one side and consistently do so, they will eventually dissipate.

Step 4 – Track Your Progress

Learn to track your progress and keep an eye on your timescales. If you have given yourself realistic deadlines then you should stay on course. Tracking allows you the chance to increase your endeavours if you are behind schedule and to pat yourself on the back if you are right on target. Tick each completed item on your to-do list and feel the sense of satisfaction at taking control of your life.

Treat yourself to something nice as you make each deadline. Your reward is personal to you but make it so that it adds to your sense of achievement. As you reach each deadline your confidence and sense of self-esteem will also rise dramatically.

Motivation  The Gateway to Your Transformation – How to find it and keep it

Learning what makes you tick on an individual level is so important.  Once you have found that portion of motivation, it makes sense to tap into it and to give yourself a kick-start towards your transformation. You can start learning about yourself just through understanding what your biggest achievement has been to date and how you achieved it.

Think long and hard about the following questions and take time to write down full-answers in response. Be honest with yourself when answering these questions-you may surprise yourself.

1. What is your biggest achievement to date?

2. How did you achieve your success?

3. During the process, what kept you going to the end goal?

4. How were you motivated?

5. How much did the end goal mean to you?

Once you have answered the questions, sit quietly and contemplate back to that time when you experienced that joyous sense of achievement.  This is your gateway to self-transformation.

Remember that people are motivated by different things and what motivates one may not motivate another but your inner-most dreams have probably changed little and will have remained fairly constant throughout. What often happens is that people give up on these hopes and instead settle for something much less simply because it is easier and quicker. The true dream, your true destiny may have taken a lot of hard work and patience and therefore was abandoned. This knowledge of taking the easy route may be an issue for you today.

From the following list, write down any that connects with your feelings:

· Do you seek recognition from others?

· Do you strive to make life better for your family?

· Do you need to prove to yourself that you can be someone important or achieve all of your goals for personal satisfaction?

· Do you feel that it’s important to do the right thing in life?

· Do you strive to increase your financial income?

· Do you have a passion in life and find it all-consuming?

· Was your childhood difficult and do you wish to ensure that your adult life is vastly improved?

· Is it important for you to take charge of your life and do something that matters?

· Do you need variety in life so embrace any changes?

· Does seeing your goals written down increase your determination to succeed?

You may find that some of these questions relate to how you feel personally so make a note of them and pin them up where you can see them so that they are a constant reminder of how you really feel.

Stop Procrastinating Now!

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you find that you waste precious time when really you know that you should be getting on with any important tasks? Do you feel guilty when you finish way behind schedule or perhaps fail to finish at all?

Whilst you are not the only one to procrastinate in life, it’s a negative aspect that has to be corrected if you truly want to complete your goals in life. Worse, procrastination can easily lead to feelings of depression and worthlessness, therefore, becoming a vicious circle of time-wasting and reducing your chances of success.

Sometimes, just starting any tasks can be the hardest element to overcome but in order to change behaviours that might have been established for a long time, you need to force yourself to get stuck in and get on with anything on that all-important list.

If procrastination is your secret deadly enemy, then consider adopting some of the following:

  • Improve your time management by compiling daily to-do lists if you don’t do so already. Write down everything that needs to be completed that day and then mark them in order of priority. Where possible, write your to-do list the night before so that you know exactly what needs to be done first thing.
  • Set your alarm so that you get up earlier. Procrastinating first thing in the morning can lose you hours and then you are always playing catch up. An extra hour can make a great deal of difference plus it starts you off on a positive note.
  • Watch less TV, you may be surprised by how much time is really wasted watching tv. Make a note of all the programmes that you really want to watch and then aim to finish all of your tasks before the first important programme comes on. This way you are more likely to focus on completing those tasks as you have something good to aim for.
  • It’s easy to fall foul to lazy days but everyone is entitled to a little self-indulgent time, just don’t waste your time completely, instead focus on your end goal and visualise how good you are going to feel once you have achieved your dreams. If you are a visual person, this can really help you to breathe life into your goals and to help it become a tangible reality.

Banish Low Self-Esteem, Self-Doubt and Increase Confidence

Are you always second-guessing whether you have done the right thing in life? Made the right decision? Completed a job to a satisfactory standard? Or excelled on the blind date even? Self-doubts can lead to agonising bouts of negative thoughts and will shatter any feelings of confidence and lower your self-esteem if left unchecked.

It can certainly seem impossible to break out of this circle of negativity but it’s vital that you make a stand and start to make more positive decisions and stick by them.

It’s okay to stop and consider why you have doubts but often there is a much deeper reason as to why you lack confidence rather than any decision that you may have made. If you have been challenged beyond previous expectations, you may even have put untold pressure on yourself and this can lead to you doubting your own abilities.

Do you find yourself often repeating damaging negative thoughts such as ‘I’m not good enough to do this?’ These thoughts can stop you from not only progressing in life but from even experiencing these challenges and relishing them.

You need to tame those negative thoughts and stop them in their tracks before they become too damaging. Every time that negative self-doubt pops into your mind, banish it and instead relish the fact that it’s a new day and one with unlimited opportunities. The more that you can do this, the better you will be able to control these thoughts. With control come increased confidence and a boost to your self-esteem.

Don’t give yourself a hard time if you succumb occasionally to feelings of negativity. This behaviour of damaging self-talk may have been ingrained for many years, so it won’t disappear overnight. The moment that realisation dawns that you have slipped into old behaviours, mentally check yourself and give yourself an emotional hug. Awareness is the key aspect of changing your life and once you re-invent the way that you think, you will be halfway to turning your life around.

Everyone Makes Mistake

Everybody makes mistakes and you are no exception. Learn from your mistakes but do not harbour feelings of guilt or shame. It doesn’t make you bad, merely human. When self-doubts creep in, make a note of them and then turn the damaging first phrase around into a positive one:

  • I’m not the right person for the job, I always screw up the Interviews 

Instead, try thinking:

  • The job might be challenging but I’m going to excel in the interview and show them what I’m made of

Write a list of all of the positive aspects that make you into the person you are. You will find that there are many more positives about you than negative qualities and once you recognise this, you will see and feel an improvement generally.

Attract Positive People into Your Life

If your confidence has been rock-bottom, it’s worth analysing those friendship types around you to ensure that you’re not surrounded by negative people. If you are genuinely good friends with someone, you don’t have to drop them from your life; just try to welcome others into your life who can share your new-found positive attitude.

Positivity attracts positivity and you are on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Once you start on this journey, you will find that the bumps in life become smoother, that more doors open to you affording you greater opportunities in life and that the benefits are far greater as a result. This happens once you stop second-guessing ‘why me?’ and instead open up your mind and heart to others and become happier in your own skin.

Do you feel that you deserve happiness and that you can achieve all that you deserve? Yes of course you do. Your small stepping stones will start that transformation off and as you begin your journey, you will meet other like-minded people and in turn, you will generate greater positivity, understanding and respect.  Give it a try for your transformation.


If you want to bring about a transformation in your life you have to think about the change in your life, think about how to change your job, improve your finances, health or your relationships. Whilst it is good to think about what you want to achieve, those who merely think, will not achieve as much success as those who do something about it.

Once you have thought it all through, then it’s time to start the real magic of visualization. It may take a little practice initially but it’s not difficult. By tapping into the age-old secrets of visualization, you can bring your goals to life, increase your self-esteem and confidence, and you can even bring a sense of peace and healing into your life.

Changes have to come from within and the only way to start these positive changes off is to plan the route with a clear mind and to then visualize each step of the journey so that it becomes a reality.

Focus on each of your goals by conjuring up an image in your mind’s eye and if your intent and integrity are strong, then your pure desire can actually support your dreams by manifesting them into life.

The ‘Achieving your Goals’ Visualization

It is important to have complete peace and quiet during your visualization, of what you want your transformation to be, so lie down in a darkened room, unplug the phone and get comfortable.  You need to relax, take a couple of deep breaths in and then breathe out slowly and gently, forgetting about any problems or self-doubts. Just enjoy the simple pleasure of breathing.

Once you feel relaxed and with eyes closed, try to visualize your ultimate goal. It’s important to be realistic though. If you just want to win the lottery, then that generalised vision isn’t going to be focused enough.  Apply intent and integrity and to conjure up the image of you actually achieving those goals. Being able to picture yourself is not always easy but regular practice will give you the all-important techniques.

If your mind starts to wonder and your focus waivers, then bring your mind gently back under control and keep thinking about your deepest desires.

This could be absolutely anything that you have ever wanted in life.

  • That fantastic new job?
  • Losing weight?
  • Getting that college degree?
  • Travelling around the world?
  • Being your own Boss?
  • Being a millionaire?
  • Take that well-needed vacation?
  • Buy your dream house?

· Or perhaps start a family?

The benefits of visualization are that you can conjure up any image at will and bring it to life. Make your visualization so powerful that you almost expect to see it materialize in front of you when you open your eyes. It might help you to hear the sounds instead or imagine yourself touching your goals, having it right there in front of you.

Once you have finished your visualization, you can open your eyes but retain that feeling of positivity and enjoy the sensation of connection that you had with your ultimate goal. Always remember how it felt to finally have everything that you want in life. Practice this technique at every opportunity and watch how it increases your motivation and desire to not only reach your goals but to exceed them.


Self-Transformation is all about identifying what you want to achieve and being able to plot out a clear and defined pathway towards it. Ensure that your end goal and stepping stones are clear and achievable and then set an approximate time limit for each one.

As you begin to achieve your dreams, you will feel a deeper sense of confidence begin to materialise and these sensations may feel a little overwhelming initially but learn to embrace them. Positive feelings will start to become the norm as you progress on your transformational pathway to success. Believe in it, feel it, live it.

Support this belief with the powerful visualization available to you at any time and start manifesting it all into your life. Remember that every time you visualize your goals, you will feel an increased motivation and be one step nearer to finally achieving total transformation and success.

Utilise these steps in your self-transformation journey and you will never, ever look back.

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