What is an entrepreneur about?   Well, the simple answer is that an entrepreneur is someone who is willing to think outside the box and take risks in making life better for themselves and those around them.  The definition of an entrepreneur can cover a wide area because it means different things to different people. For the purpose of this article, I will concentrate on what it takes to be an online entrepreneur.

What is Entrepreneur About?

Entrepreneurship is one of the main drivers of innovation and economic growth. It includes many different business ventures that have one common goal. They also share a commitment to turning an idea into a profitable business.

An entrepreneur is an important part of the economic growth strategies of any country. Governments around the world commonly assist in the development of the entrepreneurial sector. This may include entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and government-sponsored programs to assist entrepreneurs. These may also include non-government organizations, such as entrepreneurs’ associations and education programs.

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks and develop, organize and manage a business in a global marketplace that is constantly evolving.  Hence, this is where online entrepreneurs play a very important role in both personal and national growth.

Being an Entrepreneur is More Than Financial Gains

Making a difference to self, community and country is always the hallmark of most entrepreneurs. The person on the outside sees it as an avenue to make money and live a comfortable or lavish lifestyle. However, for the innovator, it is a solution to a problem, the answer to a question or the way to make life easier for someone.

All successful online entrepreneurs identify a niche, target a group of people within this niche they would like to help, provide information and solution for them and make a profit from all that activity.  For them, it is more than financial gains it is a way of giving back to society and being helpful. The profits gain are the bonuses for hard work, commitment and dedication to a cause.

Passion is the Real Drive

Passion is the fuel that is placed in the idea/innovation to get it moving and remain in constant motion. An entrepreneur possesses this fuel and stamina that drives his or her actions. This inner drive helps to overcome different challenges. It injects strength to continue pursuing goals when difficulties arise.

There are business people and there are entrepreneurs. One has the desire to make money and the other has the inner passion/desire to make a difference and help others around.

Is Online Entrepreneurship A Sensible Move?

You might be asking how does online entrepreneurship fit into all this?  Is this a sensible move?  Can I help others and make money from it?   The answer to all your queries is YES!!

According to a statistic the digital population worldwide as of January 2019, almost 4.4 billion people were active internet users and 3.5 billion were social media users. China, India and the United States rank ahead of all other countries in terms of internet users.

So based on that having an online business is definitely the way to go.  You are instantly exposed to a global market and it is easier to find people who are interested in the niche you have chosen. It allows you to bring new products and ideas to the market as well as your creative ideas to life as is evident today in the fields of culture, science and technology.

  1. Entrepreneurs create job opportunities

When an entrepreneur starts a business there is always the potential to hire people to assist in building the business. As the time business grows there is the opportunity to employ more people.

2. Entrepreneurs Assist in Economic Growth/Nation-building

By creating job opportunities an entrepreneur provides wealth to the people. This strengthens the economy of a country and contributes to nation-building.

Increased employment and higher earnings power contribute to better national income in the form of higher tax revenue and higher government spending. This revenue can be used by the government to invest in other, struggling sectors, improve infrastructures and implement social benefits for the vulnerable.

3. Entrepreneurs Help to Create Social Changes

Entrepreneurship has been responsible for a lot of social changes in today’s society. Modern technology comes to mind first along with the many medical breakthroughs over the years. Through these unique innovations gives users the opportunity to experience ease, efficiency and more productivity of the use of these new goods and services. These have resulted in overall improved quality of life, greater morale and economic freedom.

Smartphones and their smart apps have revolutionized work and play across the globe. What makes it even more effective is that smartphones are not exclusive to rich countries or rich people. As the growth of China’s smartphone market and its smartphone industry grows technological entrepreneurship will have profound, long-lasting impacts on the entire human race.

Moreover, the globalization of tech means entrepreneurs in lesser-developed countries have access to the same tools as their counterparts in richer countries. They also have the advantage of a lower cost of living, so a young individual entrepreneur from an underdeveloped country can take on the might of the multi-million dollar existing product from a developed country.

4. Entrepreneurs Help to Boost Community Development

Entrepreneurs generally invest in community projects and provide financial support to local charities. This enables further development of the people around them.

Who is an Entrepreneur?

what is entrepreneur about

Once again the question arises so let me give a simple entrepreneur definition. An entrepreneur is an individual who operates a business and assumes all the risks and rewards of a given business venture/idea. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.

Entrepreneurs play a very vital role in any economy. These are the people who have the skills and passion needed to take good new ideas and turn them into a business. The reward for taking the risk is the potential economic profits the entrepreneur could earn.

Some entrepreneurs are lone rangers struggling to get small businesses off the ground on a shoestring budget. While others get help from friends and family. Then there are those who choose to seek funding from financial lending agencies or enter into venture capitals or partnerships. Some have even taken the route of crowdsourcing.

In summary What is Entrepreneur About:

  1. 1. a starter – An entrepreneur is a creator/innovator. Someone that creates something new, either an initiative, a business or a company. He/she is the beginning (and sometimes the end) of a venture, project or activity. The entrepreneur might not be the one with the idea but he/she could be the one to bring the idea to life.
  2. 2. the driver – The entrepreneur is the person in charge. He/she is the leader and the leader. He/she is the one that pushes forward and inspires a team to follow. The entrepreneur is the one that sits in the driver’s seat and has the ability to change direction, accelerate, slow down or even stop a venture.
  3. 3. accountable and responsible – The entrepreneur has the ultimate responsibility for the destiny of the venture. The entrepreneur is the one that has the highest stakes at risk so he/she assumes responsibility.

Examples of Entrepreneurs

  • Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. There are probably not many people that have not been touched by one of his products, such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.
  • Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple computers, which produces Macs, iPods and iPhones, as well as Apple TV.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.
  • Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.
  • Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, a well-known online news site.
  • Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flikr, which hosts images and videos on the internet.
  • Gordon “Butch” Stewart, founder of the Sandals Group of Companies
  • Michael Lee-Chin, owner of National Commercial Bank

Have you ever thought about ways you could make a contribution to the development and economic growth of your country? Well, one way is to start an online business, by doing so you would be providing a service and earning revenues. The government will get taxes, you can employ people and you can contribute to community development.

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