Affiliate marketing is becoming popular as a way to make a nice income every month without doing as much work as you would with other work at home jobs. YES, you can make money in affiliate marketing but before you try affiliate marketing, you need to understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

There are different affiliate marketing opportunities, but most people opt for selling products or sending customers to websites that pay for sign-ups.

Selling Products to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Selling products is just one way to make money in affiliate marketing. There are people who allow you to sell their products and earn a commission on every sale. For instance, if someone has an e-book about grooming house pets and he or she lists it with an affiliate site, you can create a hoplink that is a tracking code to your account.

When someone clicks through from your link and they buy the product, you receive your percentage of the commission. This can also be called Bum Marketing. This type of online business can produce a good monthly income if you choose the right products to sell.

Most affiliate marketers write articles about the product and post it in article directories or on their blog. They use a keyword tracker to find out which keywords are the most targeted and try to find a keyword phrase that is searched for quite often but has little competition. Then they write the article around that keyword or phrase and add a link back to the product.

Affiliate Marketing Sign Ups

Many websites offer money for getting people to come to their websites and sign up for a product or a free sample. These companies can offer incentives to affiliates looking to make some extra money. Some will offer ten cents a click and sign up, but some offer as much as ten dollars for a click and a sign-up. You can find many of these affiliate opportunities by searching a directory of affiliate opportunities. One such example is Obay, which is similar to PayPal.

Many affiliate marketers who make money in affiliate marketing that have blogs, use affiliate links on their websites.  They can work through many different places to earn a commission. Some have blogs that are just about writing for affiliate links.

For instance, they start a blog that is a general blog. They pick some affiliate products to write about and then they insert the links in the articles a few times and leave a link at the end of the article. There are moms that make anywhere from two hundred to one thousand dollars a month this way. That is not bad for very little work.

The nice thing about how to make money in affiliate marketing is that you only have to do minimal work and the income is generated every month. That means if you choose some great affiliate links, you could have a monthly income forever. This is the best part of affiliate marketing. You are generating income for your future.

Using Amazon and EBay to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

You can set up accounts with eBay and Amazon to sell products on a blog or website. This just one more way you can use affiliate marketing to their advantage. Amazon allows you to set up an account and design your own display or have it automated.  EBay is the same way. You set up an account and choose the products you would like to sell. If someone clicks through and buys from either of these sites, you get the commission.

If you want to make money in affiliate marketing from home, this is one safe way to it. You do not need any money for start-up costs and you can do all the work yourself. If you do write articles to attract traffic and have some sales, you should keep in mind that you can post to as many article directories as you find, but try to stay with the ones that are a PR3 or higher.

This means that they have more traffic than those with a PR2 or lower. Try to find one that is not so saturated with the same keywords as what you are using.

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