Affiliate  Marketing is, nowadays, a wonderful opportunity to build your own business. You can work from the comfort of your without the hustle and bustle of the regular nine to five jobs.  It’s a move that can completely revolutionize your life. In other words, affiliate marketing could be your gateway to financial freedom.

Marketing is the key to every business. It’s the process to make people come to you, induce them to buy from you and make them always come back, as well as to buy more. Marketing is a big process where sales, relationships, advertising, strategies etc. are involved.

Every day, more and more people are joining this world, trying to make money online, quit their jobs and have more free time to spend with their families.

Affiliate Marketing Your Gateway to Financial Freedom                                                                         your gateway to financial freedom

If you want to get out of the bondage of financial anxiety you can join the affiliate marketing world today. This could be your first step towards financial freedom.  All you need is an electronic device like a computer or a smartphone and an Internet connection to start.

OK, now you are standing at the gateway thinking how to get through the gate to start the journey to financial freedom.  The problem is, you have a long journey after you go through the gate. In order to get to Financial freedom you have to first study and learn some things. Trust me, it is not difficult.

Financial Freedom is not so far away as you think.  This is the point where a lot of people turn around and go back through the gate and return to the clutches of financial anxiety because they don’t know how to go to financial freedom even if they wish to.

Many people come into Affiliate Marketing with the wrong expectations, they dream of making millions of dollars in a few months because they’ve heard about people making a lot of money and think that because the Internet is worldwide and 24/7, they can reach a lot of people in a short period of time.  They are led to believe that affiliate marketing is a  “get-rich-quick-scheme”.

What Affiliate Marketing is Not…

A lot of people join the internet marketing programs with the promises of a huge amount of money in a short period of time, then when reality hit that they have been scammed or it is not as easy as they were led to believe and they aren’t making any money they jump onto the next get rich overnight program.   When they don’t make money for the second time, then they jump onto another one, again with unrealistic dreams.

They are often moving onto some other new money-making program. Sometimes the business didn’t actually fail it is just that they are expecting too much, too soon. This process continues to repeat itself several times until frustration and delusion make them stop and give up.

Reality Check – Affiliate Marketing is the gateway to financial freedom for thousands of people and be for you also as long as you understand that it is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is not a magic bullet to riches neither is it a website that you build and then it starts making money for you.

Affiliate Marketing is not easy money with no effort – a webpage, post a few ads, write some articles and then money will start to pour in. Nothing can be further from the truth.

There are a lot of get-rich programs and pyramid businesses failing or making people fail every day for some reason. These are scams and people are wasting time and money in programs like these:

•   easy steps to make money online

•      Make 6 streams of income in autopilot

•      Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show you how to get rich in 30 days

When these kinds of programs are launched, those who promote them seem to get a lot of people to join very quickly. However, there is always a trick or a trap. There are no secret formulas or magic buttons that run on their own. There are lots of thieves out there waiting for your money. Before you give your money to someone, think twice!

So before you begin your journey to financial freedom you have to clarify your mind and set your goal. You must have a clear objective and know how to reach it. The approach to Affiliate Marketing, the point of view, the vision and the mindset, all have to be radically changed before you start. Knowing the market is extremely crucial.

Someone said, “The dreamers are the saviours of the world” and that’s true! Prepare yourself for the dream you want to accomplish and make it happen! You need to know what you want, where and how to get it. If you’ve decided to make a living online, then you have to be convinced about it and carry it out with conviction.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be Your Gateway to Financial Freedom if You are Willing to Take the Journey…..

your gateway to financial freedom

Affiliate marketing is misunderstood and under-estimated. A huge amount of effort is required to be successful. If you don’t have anyone that takes you by hand and teaches you everything you need to know and helps you make the right decisions and put you out of trouble, then you should know that it’s tough. It’s a challenge you have to face alone. You’ll be facing new situations vastly different from any you have previously faced.

Invest in knowledge and education. You have to spend long hours studying and learning. Every second you spend has to be a step towards your goal. Your business has to be the focal point if you want to make a living online.

Affiliate Marketing is a business. Treat it as such. You are investing money and time and your goal is to make money from it. It’s not a hobby. You want to make money and for this, you have to work hard in your business, dedicate time and make some sacrifices.

Don’t give up and say “I failed!” because it’s the thinking of losers. Stop complaining! Because it’s TIME you are wasting, instead, investigate why you failed. You have to learn from your mistakes. Examine them and turn them into powerful weapons that help you grow and understand this world better.

You have to try, try and try and keep your faith! All successful men had one thing in common — they were all ‘causation-ists’. They believed that things went not by luck, but by law and that there was not a weak or a cracked link in the chain which joins the first and last of the things.

Success is constitutional and depends on a PLUS condition of mind and body, on the power of work and on courage. The world is mathematical and has no casualty in its entire vast and flowing curve. Success has no more eccentricity than the gingham and muslin we weave in our mills.

Surround yourself with positive people, people that support and encourage you, people, that also want to succeed. A lot of people are quite negative. Don’t listen to such people who tell you that you are wasting your time, because it could decrease your passion and persistence.

People who haven’t built a successful business will never understand what to do to be successful. Many people, for some reason, don’t want to see you succeed. You must avoid them and try to put them out of your life.

Don’t let the doubts stop you. Develop your personal power and believe in yourself. You need to have the determination to think positively and to position yourself.

You have to conceive a legitimate purpose in your heart and set out to accomplish it. You should make this purpose the centralizing point of your thoughts. It may take the form of a spiritual ideal, or it may be a worldly object, according to its nature for the time being; but whatever it is, you should steadily focus your thoughts and forces upon the object, which you have set your eyes on. You have to make this purpose your supreme duty.

Build a Firm Foundation

your gateway to financial freedom

You have to take those first steps through the gateway with confidence and a positive attitude.  This is going to determine how much stamina you have to make the journey to financial freedom.   They will allow you to make it to the end of the journey without the danger of falling by the wayside or turning back to where you came from.

You have to define your niche and then you can’t make a mistake, because it is the most important element in making it to the end of the journey. You need to know where you can obtain good results.

Ask yourself:

•      Who am I?

•      How can I help people?

•      How can I solve their problems?

•      What am I good at?

•      Where lies my vast knowledge and experience?

•      What are my passions?

•      What do I love to do?

You must know everything about yourself. Every single detail is important. Analyze and identify all the elements, you think, are valuable. Now, you have to figure out how to use all these valuable elements. How to benefit from them. Find the answers. Look out for the one who is going to give you money for what you have and how much they can give.

Identify a Group of People With a Need and Help Them

Focus on the targeted group of people that has a problem, which your product/service will fix or provide a solution for.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything, but some things are much more critical than others. If you choose the wrong niche, there is a 99% chance you’ll fail.

Write down a list of your values and goals. Break them down into different points and develop each point. List everything, you think can help you to achieve your goal. Do it every day and add more things to this list regularly. It will provide you with a vision of what you are working for.

Prepare a work schedule to accomplish every day. Specify the subject with which you will be occupied during the day. Stay focused on it and on what you have to do. Start with a plan on how to execute the first step and move towards your next step. Build a business system that works exactly every day, always in the same way. Set up your system forever and then improve every area. Apply small changes, it will give you dramatic growth overall. It’s the blueprint of your success.

Find a Mentor

your gateway to financial freedom

You must study people over you, and discover how they endure and survive on their journey to financial freedom – the strategies and methods they used. Focus on what is working for them. Maintain close attention to everything they do.

Join their lists and discover the content of their newsletters. Explore every single detail about them. Study their sites and why people sign up for their newsletters or buy from them. You have to discover the principles of their success. Listen to them.

Add to your strategies only those things, you think, can work for you. Enrich your knowledge and apply what you learn. When you are studying, you have to secure the skeleton and the framework upon which your study is hung. Ask yourself, when beginning to study, what am I looking for? What is the author going to talk about?

Often, this will be indicated in topical headings. Keep it in the background of your mind while studying, and search for the answer. Then, when you have studied the necessary portion, summarize to see if the author furnished what you thought.

In short, always study for a purpose. Formulate problems and seek their solutions. In this way, there will be a direction in your studying and thinking. Take notes and let your notes represent the logical progression of thought in the studying process.

There is this wonderful community that has helped me on my journey and there are some excellent mentors who are always willing to help and impart their knowledge.

You Have to Seek Help If You Want to Get to Financial Freedom

When you enter through the gateway that will lead you to financial freedom if you remain passive and don’t do anything, then you’ll be there forever. Many people stay at the gate for a long time and then go back outside saying it was impossible to go any further because they were there, but they didn’t know what to do and how to go forward.

In order to succeed with affiliate marketing, you need a plan, strategies to navigate the journey and the right motivation to explore the way to your financial freedom. You have to take action when it’s necessary. Don’t stay like a statue. Move forward. Find out all the possible ways you have to get to financial freedom, and how to do it with minimum effort or expense. You have to do better every day.

If you are able to reach Financial Freedom make sure you never go back. It means you have accomplished your first task. Now, there are people under you and you can offer your products or services to those people. Your education has to be continuous and only then you can begin to think about how to secure your freedom.

You need to experience, develop your skills as you go along the journey. Take one step at a time. If you try to jump some steps, you’ll fall and this could be lethal. You might not be able to stand up again, because of the frustration.

You have to begin small and gradually, grow. Remember, you learn to walk before you run. It’s hard to let people know that you are there especially when they are over you because they are concentrating on what they are doing and don’t look down. They always look up. It’s difficult to make them pay attention to your offers.

People over you are continuously bombarding you with offers and offers, promising to solve your problems and take you to upper steps overnight. You are overwhelmed. Your inbox is exploding with all these offers and you need to be careful with this.

I am sure you know the law of gravity. Well, it’s like that. If you are trying to throw something too high, you’ll never touch the highest level. After trying and trying, you’ll be tired. You have to keep trying to reach the next level.

Don’t get distracted! You have to see and capture only what, you think, is useful for you. Avoid what is not for you, or you’ll never get results. You’ll never get to the next step.

Final Thoughts

Your financial freedom depends only on you. It’s a direct result of what you do. Identify and recognize what you want and need. It’s not about your luck. You can create your own destiny if you want. Do the best you can. Everyone can improve his or her life.

We are all human beings with the same characteristics. If you want something, you can get it. If others can do it, so can you. Pull out the wisdom that you have. You can do it asking questions to yourself, then when you have the answers, you realize that you can do it too because you have the potential to reach your goal.

Man is crippled by circumstances so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions. But when he realizes that he is a creative power and can command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow, he then becomes the rightful master of himself!

The higher you are, the easier everything flows. But you must be cautious. Once you achieve success, your business will be thriving. Don’t think you are done yet! You can’t just leave your business, because if you don’t sustain your concentration and attention, you could fall dangerously.

You have to always take care of your business and improve it every day. You have to continuously grow and expand, look for new perspectives for strong ideas to multiply and leverage your business. Improve your moneymaking techniques to place your business at the forefront of your industry.

You have to test every single detail of your system because it allows you to know how to optimize your business and how to drastically increase your profit for every effort you make. Build a bigger and ambitious plan, because The Sky Is The Limit!

Education, Passion, Focus and Patience are factors that determine your success. Go slowly but strongly! Go ahead with baby steps, with the objective to meet people over you.

Every business takes time. You must learn the secrets and details because of only those who persevere and follow proven strategies succeed. This is a progressive process and you have to understand it, success takes time. If you understand this, you have no excuses.

Now you can complete the journey to your financial freedom.

Now answer these simple questions.

Question – What does Affiliate Marketing mean to you?

Answer ________________________________________________

Question – What are your expectations from Affiliate Marketing?

Answer ________________________________________________

Question – How many hours per week can you dedicate to Internet Marketing?

Answer ________________________________________________

Question – How long do you think you have to work before making your first dollar?

Answer ________________________________________________

Question – What determines your success?

Answer ________________________________________________

Before you go

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